Ohio's 2024 Muzzleloader Season: Essential Information for Deer Hunters

Ohio's hunting season offers an exciting opportunity for deer hunters to transition to muzzleloader rifles as they pursue their game. Muzzleloaders, renowned for their distinctive loading process through the open end of the barrel, provide a unique hunting experience. Here's all you need to know about Ohio's 2024 muzzleloader season.

When Does Ohio's 2024 Muzzleloader Season Begin? Muzzleloader season is scheduled to run from January 6 to 9, 2024. During this period, hunters can utilize muzzleloader rifles to try their luck in pursuing white-tailed deer.

Ohio's Hunting Season Timeline While muzzleloader season is a highlight, Ohio's hunting calendar encompasses various seasons. The white-tailed deer hunting season is approaching its conclusion, with gun season ending in December. However, archery season continues until February 4. Other seasons for animals like squirrels, turkeys, and grouse have already passed since September.

Deer Hunting Bag Limits by County Ohio's counties specify the allowable number of deer that a single hunter can harvest in a given season. Here's a breakdown of deer hunting bag limits in different counties:

  • Two-deer counties: Butler, Warren, Clinton, Greene, Fayette, Madison, Pickaway, Hocking, Vinton, Jackson, and Lawrence.
  • Four-deer counties: Hamilton, Franklin, Lucas, Cuyahoga, and Summit.
  • Disease surveillance area (DSA) counties: Hardin, Marion, and Wyandot.
  • The remaining counties in Ohio are classified as three-deer counties.

Obtaining a Hunting License in Ohio To partake in Ohio's hunting adventures, you'll need a hunting license. The Ohio Department of Natural Resources offers a variety of licenses, and they can be conveniently purchased online. Here are the key license types:

  • Youth: For individuals aged 17 and younger.
  • Resident adult: Designed for Ohio residents aged 18-65.
  • Nonresident adult: Applicable to all nonresidents aged 18 and older.
  • Apprentice: Allows residents and nonresidents to hunt under the guidance of a licensed hunter.
  • Resident senior: Available for Ohio residents aged 66 and older, born on or after January 1, 1938.
  • Resident free senior: Offered to Ohio residents born on or before December 31, 1937.

Costs of Hunting Licenses in Ohio The price of hunting licenses in Ohio varies depending on the type and duration. Here's a glimpse of the costs:

  • Adult licenses: Range from $19 for a one-year resident license to $449.28 for a resident lifetime hunting license.
  • Youth licenses: Start at $10 for one year and go up to $430.46 for a resident youth lifetime hunting license.

Additionally, there are fees for either-sex deer permits:

  • Adult permit, resident: $31.20.
  • Adult permit, nonresident: $76.96.
  • Youth permit, resident and nonresident: $16.00.
  • Senior permit, resident only: $12.00.
  • Free senior permit, resident only: Available for free.

For specific exemptions and further information, you can visit ohiodnr.gov and Ohio Hunting License Costs and Information. If you encounter a wildlife violation, report it promptly by calling 1-800-POACHER (1-800-762-2437).

Explore Ohio's diverse hunting opportunities and make the most of your hunting season while abiding by the state's regulations and guidelines.

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