All Alligator Gar Fishing:

  • Call 1-800-482-9262 to report any harvest of alligator gar.
  • All harvested alligator gar must be tagged by an AGFC fisheries biologist before transporting from the waterbody where taken.
  • Daily limit of 1 alligator gar under 36 inches.

Trophy Alligator Gar (over 36 inches):

  • An Alligator Gar Trophy Tag (AGT) is required to harvest alligator gar over 36 inches.
  • Fishermen may apply for a free Alligator Gar Trophy Tag (AGT) Nov. 1-Dec. 31 through the AGFC Licensing System.
  • A limited number of Alligator Gar Trophy Tags will be drawn Jan. 2.
  • A valid Arkansas fishing license (unless exempt) is also required.
  • If received, the Alligator Gar Trophy Tag (AGT) allows for the harvest of 1 alligator gar over 36 inches for that calendar year.
  • Alligator Gar over 36 inches may not be taken from noon May 1-noon July 1.

Black Bass (largemouth, spotted, smallmouth combined): 10

Smallmouth Bass (including hybrids of smallmouth and other bass): 4

  • Length limit in Ozark Zone is 12 inches long; otherwise, length limit is 10 inches long.

Rock Bass (Ozark and shadow bass): 10

Bream (bluegill, redear, longear, warmouth and other sunfishes combined): 50

  • No daily limit on bream shorter than 4 inches.

Catfish (channel, blue, flathead combined): 10

  • No daily limit on bullhead catfish.

Crappie (black and white combined): 30

Paddlefish: 2

Sauger: 6

Saugeye: 6

Shovelnose Sturgeon: No limit

  • Length limit is 21 inches or longer.
  • All sturgeon caught between the levees of the Mississippi River must be released immediately.

Striped Bass and hybrid stripers: 6 combined

Trout: (No more than 2 brown trout, 2 cutthroat trout and 2 brook trout): 5

Walleye: 6

White Bass: 25

Possession Limit: Triple the daily limit

Snagging Limit:

  • Snagging game fish may be done only from a bank within 100 yards below a dam.
  • Exceptions include specific areas on the Arkansas River and below Beaver Dam at designated times.

Spearfishing Limit:

  • Open June 15-March 15, sunrise to sunset, in specified lakes and impoundments.
  • Half the game fish daily limit, or the lesser number nearest half, may be taken.
  • Spearfishermen must display a standard diver’s flag and spearfish no more than 100 yards from it.
  • Spearfishing activities must be completed and fish must be removed from the body of water before cleaning or dressing.

Daily Limit − The total limit of a certain fish species that may be taken in one day.

Possession Limit − The total limit of a certain fish species that is in your possession at any time, whether on your person or stored in another location. Fish and wild game (other than migratory game birds) that have been processed and stored at a residence do not count toward a person’s possession limit.

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