Arkansas Turkey Hunting Season Dates and Times

Special Youth Turkey Hunt Details

  • Special Youth Turkey Hunt Dates:

    • Zones 1 and 2: Scheduled for April 6-7, 2024.
  • Requirements for Young Hunters:

    • Youth must obtain a free Customer Identification Number (CID) to hunt and log a turkey.
    • To establish a youth customer profile and acquire a CID click here, navigate to "New Customer," fill in the youth's details, and ensure to add the free Customer ID to your cart under the "Hunting" section in the licensing system before checking out.
  • Bag Limit:

    • During the Special Youth Turkey Hunt, the bag limit is one legal turkey.
  • Age Restrictions for Young Hunters:

    • Only hunters aged 6 to 15 years are eligible to participate in the Special Youth Turkey Hunt.
  • Supervision Requirements:

    • Youths who haven't completed hunter education are required to be under the direct supervision of an adult aged 21 or older during the hunt.
  • Regular Turkey Season Dates for 2024

    • Zone 1:

      • The season is set for April 15-23, 2024.
    • Zone 2:

      • Turkey hunting extends from April 15 through May 5, 2024.
  • Statewide Turkey Bag Limit Regulations

    • Overall Statewide Limit:

      • Every hunter's statewide bag limit is two legal turkeys, but no jakes (immature males).
    • Youth Exception:

      • Hunters aged 6 to 15 years can harvest one jake as a part of their two-bird limit for the season (inclusive of the youth hunt).
    • First Week of Regular Season:

      • During the initial 7 days of the regular turkey season, no more than one legal turkey may be taken.
    • Daily Limit:

      • Hunters are restricted to taking only one legal turkey per day.
    • Prohibition on Hen Harvesting:

      • It is unlawful to harvest a bearded hen (female turkey with a beard).
    • Wildlife Management Areas (WMA) Limit:

      • The bag limit for all individual WMAs is one legal turkey.
    • Zone Harvest Limits:

      • Hunters must adhere to all harvest limits specific to the zone they are hunting in and should not exceed either Statewide or WMA zone harvest limits.
  • Zone Specific Turkey Harvest Limits

    • Zone 1 Harvest Limit:

      • Harvesting is limited to one legal turkey with no jakes allowed, barring exceptions stated in the Statewide Turkey Bag Limit.
      • Upon taking a turkey in Zone 1, hunters must move to Zone 2 if they wish to pursue their second legal turkey.
    • Zone 2 Harvest Limit:

      • Hunters may take up to two legal turkeys, with the exclusion of jakes, following the same exceptions mentioned in the Statewide Turkey Bag Limit.

2023 Private Land Turkey Zones

  • Geographic Boundaries:
    • Turkey zones for private lands are delineated by county lines

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