2023-2024 Colorado Fishing License Fees

For the 2023-2024 season, Colorado has updated its fishing license fees, including options for residents, non-residents, youth, and seniors, all reflecting the state's dedication to wildlife management and conservation efforts. Each license includes a $0.25 search & rescue fee and a $1.50 Wildlife Education Fund surcharge.

Resident anglers between 18-64 years are charged $39.71 for an annual license, while seniors 65 and older enjoy reduced rates at $10.95. Youth licenses for those between 16-17 years are available at $10.23, promoting fishing among the younger generation.

Non-resident fees are set at $111.03 for the annual license, with a five-day option available for temporary visitors at $33.53, allowing for a brief but immersive fishing experience.

The state mandates a $11.50 Habitat Stamp with the season's first hunting or fishing license purchase, vital for conservation and habitat improvement efforts. This fee is waived for the first two one-day or additional day licenses, promoting short-term engagement with the state's natural resources.

It's important to note that fishing without a license in Colorado is a misdemeanor, carrying fines between $25 and $250. Ensuring you have the correct license is not only a legal requirement but also a contribution to the preservation and enhancement of Colorado's rich aquatic life and habitats.

To ensure comprehensive understanding and adherence to regulations, anglers are encouraged to stay informed of any additional rules or changes that may apply. Whether it's understanding the specifics of habitat conservation, the nuances of various license types, or the legal implications of fishing activities, staying updated is crucial for a responsible and enjoyable fishing experience. Always check the latest regulations or consult with the Colorado Parks & Wildlife department for the most current information and details on licensing, fees, and guidelines.

Habitat Stamp

All annual licenses purchased for individuals ages 18-64 will have a Habitat Stamp applied at the time of purchase, if required.

Anyone buying a one-day or additional day license are exempt from the Habitat Stamp fee with the first two of these licenses. The Habitat Stamp fee will be assessed when a third license of this type is purchased.

For more information, read about the Habitat Stamp. If you are disabled, you may not need a Habitat Stamp. See disability information.​

Options for purchasing licenses and a Habitat Stamp

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