What's New for 2023?

Mount Evans Hunting Closure Adjustment

  • New Boundaries for Mt. Evans:
    • Hunting is strictly forbidden in two specific areas:
      • The area encompassing the Mt. Evans Summit Lake cirque.
      • The vicinity within a quarter-mile of either side of the Mt. Evans Highway's centerline.
  • Updated Guidelines:
    • Note that the previous restriction range of a half-mile has been revised to a quarter-mile.

HIP Registration Changes

  • Exemption for Certain Furbearer Hunters:

    • Hunters exclusively pursuing furbearers, except coyotes, are no longer required to register with the Harvest Information Program (HIP).
  • Mandatory HIP for Others:

    • Small game and waterfowl hunters, as well as those targeting coyotes, must still register with HIP.

State Wildlife Areas Regulations Revision

  • Regulation Standardization:

    • Updates have been implemented to standardize and elaborate on the wording of regulations pertinent to allowable activities across numerous state wildlife areas.
  • Check Before You Go:

    • It’s important to examine the specific restrictions for the State Wildlife Area (SWA) you intend to visit, as rules regarding access and permissible activities might have been amended.
  • Further Information:

    • Refer to the "Land-Use Rules" section, spanning pages 17 to the back cover, for detailed regulations.
    • For comprehensive regulations, consult the Colorado State Recreation Lands brochure available at: cpw.info/rec-lands-brochure.

Access Licenses and Passes via myColorado™ App

  • CPW Resident Fishing Licenses: Available for in-app access.
  • Small Game Licenses: Obtainable through the app for easy carry.
  • Small Game & Fishing Combination Licenses: Integrated within the app for convenience.
  • Keep Colorado Wild Pass: Newly added for digital access through myColorado™.

For additional details and app usage, visit myColorado.gov.

Regulation Brochures for Recreational Activities

  • Big Game Regulations: Essential for hunters pursuing large game.
  • Fishing Regulations: Guidelines for anglers in Colorado's waterways.
  • Colorado State Recreation Lands Regulations: Information for various activities on state lands.

Harvest Information Program (HIP) Registration

Annual Registration Requirements

  • Small-game, furbearers, migratory bird hunters, and falconers must enroll in HIP annually for their license to be valid.
  • Registration for the 2022–2023 HIP number opens on April 1 but is available anytime post-April 1 and pre-hunting.

Recording Your HIP Number

  • Your new HIP number must be written on your respective hunting license.

How to Sign Up for HIP

  • To register, call 1-866-265-6447 (1-866-COLOHIP) available from 7 a.m. to 10:30 p.m.
  • Alternatively, sign up online at colohip.com.
  • Provide basic harvest information from the previous season and the intended species to hunt in the current season.
  • Understand a "season" spans from September 1 to March 15 of the following year.

HIP Registration Availability

  • Live operator assistance is not available overnight (10:30 p.m. to 7 a.m.) or during major holidays (Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's Day).
  • Online registration remains open 24/7, even during holidays and overnight hours, at colohip.com.

Walk-In Access Program Details

Hunting Opportunities and Season Dates

  • The Walk-In Access (WIA) program offers hunting for small game, migratory game birds, and furbearers.
  • Hunting of Gambel’s quail and greater sage-grouse is not permitted on WIA lands.
  • Regular season for WIA properties spans from September 1st through the end of February.
  • Late cropland season is active from the opening day of pheasant season till the end of February.
  • Extended WIA property access runs from the start of pheasant season until the end of March.

Access Rules and Timing

  • Foot access only is granted on WIA properties, restricted to one hour before sunrise up to one hour after sunset.
  • Extended access hours, two hours before sunrise until two hours after sunset, apply for hunting waterfowl, deer, elk, or pronghorn.

Licenses and Stamps

  • A valid small-game license and a Habitat Stamp are prerequisites for hunting on WIA properties.

Property Identification and Restrictions

  • marked with Walk-In Access signs, enrolled properties are listed in the WIA atlas.
  • Access may be denied during active crop harvesting, as indicated by signage.

Atlas Publication and Availability

  • Two editions of the WIA atlas will be published for the 2022–2023 season:
    • The 2022 REGULAR WALK-IN ATLAS, available in late August, details properties accessible starting September 1st.
    • The 2022 LATE CROPLAND ATLAS, released in late October, provides updates on property availability.

Additional Hunting Options

  • Select eastern Colorado WIA properties that permit both small-game and big-game hunting under the Big Game Access Program.

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