License Type

CT Resident age 18–64 fee

CT Resident age 16 or 17 fee

Non-Resident 16 or older fee

Sport fishing licenses (fee is US Dollars) *

Inland waters only *




Marine waters only *




All waters *




1 day — Marine waters only *




3 consecutive days — Inland waters only *




3 consecutive days — Marine waters only *




Combination Licenses (fee is US Dollars) *

Inland Waters and Firearms hunting *




Marine Waters and Firearms hunting *




All Waters and Firearms hunting *




All Waters and bow and arrow permit to hunt deer and small game *




Free Licenses *

CT Resident age 65 and older *




Free Special Licenses (available only at participating town halls and selected DEEP offices).

Blind Inland or Marine fishing license (lifetime).1




Intellectual disability Inland or Marine fishing license (lifetime).2




Physical disability (loss of one or more limbs, or permanent loss of the use of one or more limbs) Inland or Marine waters fishing, hunting, or combination licenses (lifetime).3



Free to qualified nonresidents who reside in states which allow CT residents the same privilege.

Issuance of free fishing licenses in Connecticut is available under certain conditions to support inclusivity and accessibility:

  1. Blind Individuals: A person who is blind is eligible for a free license with proof of blindness provided by the Department of Rehabilitation Services, or in the case of a veteran, by the United States Veterans' Administration. This ensures that individuals who are blind can still enjoy the recreational activities of fishing.

  2. Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities: To issue a free license to a person with intellectual disabilities, proof is required in the form of a certificate from a licensed physician or a licensed advanced practice registered nurse. The definition of intellectual disability follows that in Public Act 11-16, ensuring that those who meet the criteria have access to fishing licenses.

  3. Individuals with Physical Disabilities Involving Limb Loss or Impairment: Residents who have lost a limb or permanently lost the use of a limb are eligible for a free license, provided they can show a certificate from a licensed physician or a licensed advanced practice registered nurse. This category also extends to qualified nonresidents from states that offer the same privileges to Connecticut residents, promoting reciprocal inclusivity.

Recreational Fishing Licenses in Connecticut

Support for Fisheries Programs

Your purchase of a fishing license contributes 100% to supporting Connecticut’s fish and wildlife, crucial for sustaining fisheries resources. An Inland fishing license is required for anyone 16 years or older fishing in the Inland District. A Marine recreational fishing license is needed for those 16 and older fishing from shore or a boat in the marine district. Licenses, generally issued on a calendar year basis, expire on December 31st and are available online, at participating town halls, tackle retailers, and DEEP field offices.

Active Armed Forces Members & Special Licenses

Active Armed Forces Members: Full-time members are eligible for fishing and small game firearms licenses at resident fees. Proof of active membership is required when using the license, available at town clerk and select DEEP offices.

Other Recreational Marine Licenses: Special licenses are needed for personal use, including lobster taking by up to 10 pots or SCUBA and menhaden taking with a single gill net not more than 60 feet in length. Personal use lobster licenses cost $60.00, and personal use gillnet licenses for menhaden are $100. These licenses are non-transferable, issued on a calendar year basis, and available only by DEEP Licensing and Revenue.

For more detailed information and license applications, visit the Connecticut DEEP website

Commercial Licenses

A commercial license is essential for those intending to take, possess, or land fish, lobsters, blue crabs, whelk, squid, sea scallops, horseshoe crabs, and bait species for sale purposes, applicable in both inland and marine districts of Connecticut. This license is a requisite for anyone engaging in the commercial sale of these aquatic resources and is designed to ensure sustainable practices and management of the state's valuable marine and inland fisheries.

For comprehensive details, regulations, and application processes related to commercial fishing, individuals or businesses should directly contact the DEEP Marine Fisheries Program. They can be reached at 860-434-6043, or inquiries can be sent via email to or through traditional mail to P.O. Box 719, Old Lyme, CT 06371. Further information, including specific regulations, forms, and guidelines, can also be accessed online at the Connecticut DEEP portal for Commercial Fishing.

Group Fishing Licenses

Connecticut provides Group Fishing Licenses to qualified 501(c)(3) organizations looking to host fishing programs and events. These are specifically for:

  • Veterans with service-related or other disabilities.
  • Persons receiving mental health or addiction services from the Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services (DMHAS) and associated programs & facilities.
  • Individuals with autism or intellectual disabilities receiving services from the Department of Developmental Services (DDS) or a facility licensed by DDS.
  • Persons receiving care from the Department of Children and Families (DCF), DCF receiving homes, or certain DCF-licensed child care facilities or programs.

Qualified organizations can apply for a Group Fishing License at $125.00, allowing up to 50 events per year in both inland and marine waters. Each event is limited to 50 participants and must be supervised by staff or volunteers from the organization, all of whom must have their own fishing licenses. Participation in these events must be free of charge, and the events cannot serve as fundraisers.

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