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Fisheries Related Permits And Registrations Served By Ezfile

Inland Fishing Tournament/Derby Permit

This permit is essential for conducting a fishing tournament or derby in Connecticut's inland waters open to public fishing involving anglers 16 years or older. These events are usually limited to 50% of the parking capacity at a state-owned launch. There are special exemptions available for open water catch-and-release-only tournaments in Bass Management lakes and specific lakes during designated times.

Liberation (Stock) of Live Fish

Required for anyone intending to release live fish or fish eggs into any pond, lake, or stream in Connecticut. This ensures that species introduced are monitored and controlled to prevent ecological imbalance. It is illegal to introduce any aquarium fish into Connecticut waters.

Importation of Live Fish or Fish Eggs

This permit is needed each time live fish or fish eggs are brought into Connecticut from outside the state. It aims to regulate species entering the local environment, with certain species like piranha, walking catfish, various carp, gizzard shad, and snakeheads being prohibited to preserve local biodiversity and prevent the establishment of invasive species.

Special Regulations on Association Controlled Waters

Associations that own or control fishing rights in a stream or pond may request temporary changes in fishing regulations for their specific water body. This allows flexibility and localized management aligning with specific conservation needs or community fishing activities.

Private Waters Registration

Individuals or corporations can acquire this registration if they meet the eligibility criteria. This registration, which comes with a non-refundable fee, allows for the private management of specific water bodies. Given the uniqueness of each situation, prospective applicants are encouraged to consult with authorities to understand the specific implications and responsibilities.

Marine Fish Tournament/Derby Registration

Organizations looking to conduct a marine fishing tournament or derby in Connecticut for persons 16 years of age and older need to register through this system. There is no charge for the registration, promoting organized and responsible marine fishing activities.

Additional Information

National Saltwater Angler Registry

Established through the Magnuson-Stevens Fishery Conservation and Management Act, NOAA Fisheries has created a national registry of saltwater anglers. This registry is part of the Marine Recreational Angler Program (MRIP), a collaborative effort to improve data collection and support informed fisheries conservation. By creating a comprehensive list of saltwater anglers, the registry aims to enhance the accuracy and efficiency of catch and effort surveys.

Registry in Practice

Anglers from specific states, including New York, Rhode Island, Maine, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire, have additional marine license or registration requirements. Connecticut has reciprocity agreements with these states, except for New Hampshire. Connecticut residents are required to have a CT resident Marine Waters sport fishing license to fish in the state's Marine District, exempting them from the National Saltwater Angler Registry. For more detailed information, anglers are encouraged to visit the official NOAA and state websites.

Permits for Specific Activities

Certain activities such as stocking fish, conducting fishing tournaments, or using grass carp for aquatic plant management require specific permits. It's crucial for anglers and organizations to understand and obtain the necessary permits for these activities to ensure they are complying with state and national regulations.

Notice to Sportsmen

Violations related to fishing, hunting, or trapping may result in the suspension of licenses. It's important for sportsmen to adhere to regulations and maintain responsible practices to avoid penalties.

Importation and Liberation Permit for Triploid Grass Carp

This permit is necessary for the importation, possession, and liberation of triploid grass carp in inspected and approved ponds. These carp are a method for controlling nuisance aquatic vegetation, and the Fisheries Division conducts inspections to ensure regulatory compliance and environmental safety.

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