Angling: Fishing with hook and line, which must be personally attended. No more than three lines, with or without rods, may be used at one time, except in designated areas where the maximum is two.

Bait: Any animal or vegetable, or their parts, living or dead, used with a hook for attracting and catching fish. Certain fish species are excluded from being used as bait.

Bait Species: Species like common shiner, golden shiner, fallfish, and others may be taken by sport fishermen for personal use, but selling requires an inland commercial bait license.

Barbless Hook: A curved, pointed device without a barb, used to catch fish. Barbless hooks may be single, double, or treble.

Bobbing: Fishing with a ball or mass of worms or other bait attached to a hookless line held in the hand.

Bow And Arrow Fishing: Allows taking certain species like common carp, bowfin, and others with a bow and arrow under specified conditions.

Bubble Float: A type of float attached to a fishing line or leader and can be filled with water to adjust its buoyancy.

Cast Net: A net weighted at the edges, cast over bait to capture it in shallow water. Prohibited in inland waters.

Children’s Fishing Area: Areas designated for angling restricted to children under sixteen years of age.

Closed Season: A period during which all fishing is prohibited in the specified area.

Daily Creel Limit: The quantity or number of fish of a species or species group that can be taken by an individual angler from 12:01 a.m. to midnight.

Downrigger: A device used to deploy one or more fishing lines to a desired depth in the water column.

Fishhook Or Hook: A curved, pointed device, with or without a barb, used to catch fish.

Fishing Or Sport Fishing: Taking or attempting to take fish by various methods including angling, bow and arrow fishing, bobbing, ice fishing, snagging or snatching, spearing, scoop netting, and hand fishing.

Float (Bobber): Any buoyant object attached to a fishing line.

Fly: A hook dressed with hair, feathers, or other materials without additional bait or devices.

Fly Fishing: Angling with the use of fly reel, rod, line, leader, and a fly or flies.

Gaff: A spear or hook used for holding or lifting fish. Its use to land or assist in landing a fish is prohibited in inland waters.

Hand-Held Jig: A rod, jig stick, or line held in the hand used for fishing through the ice.

Ice Fishing: Using up to six tip-ups, floats, or similar devices, or hand-held jigs for fishing. Devices must be personally attended.

Inland District: Area inland of the demarcation lines as listed on Marine/Inland Demarcation.

Leadcore Line: A fishing line constructed with a metal core.

Maximum Length: The longest a fish can legally be to possess, measured from the tip of the snout to the end of the tail.

Minimum Length: The shortest a fish must be to legally keep, measured similarly.

Panfish: Includes species like yellow perch, white perch, calico bass, and others.

Possession Limit: The total number of fish of any species or species group that may be possessed by one person.

Scoop Net: A manually operated net used for catching fish or bait. Certain size restrictions apply.

Seine Net: A net used to encircle and capture fish, weighted at the bottom with top floats.

Set Line: A fishing line used for fishing and not personally attended. Its use in the inland district is prohibited.

Slot Lengths: Length limits designated to regulate fish harvesting.

Snagging or Snatching: Taking of fish by foul hooking. It's prohibited in all waters in the Inland District except under specific conditions.

Spearing: Use of a pointed instrument to take certain species under specified conditions. Prohibited in lakes and ponds and the use of spear guns is prohibited in all waters within the Inland District.

Strike Indicator: A device used in fly fishing to indicate when a fish strikes the fly.

Take or Taking: Killing, capturing, or otherwise rendering into possession any fish or bait species.

Tenkara Fishing: A type of fly fishing using a tenkara rod, line, and fly without a reel.

Trout: Includes species like brook, brown, lake, and rainbow trout and their hybrids.

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