Connecticut Volunteer Angler Survey (VAS) Program Invitation

The Marine Fisheries Program invites marine recreational anglers to join the Connecticut Volunteer Angler Survey (VAS) Program. This initiative aims to gather detailed information on fishing trips and catches directly from volunteers who fish recreationally using hook and line. By maintaining a logbook, VAS participants play a crucial role in contributing data on key finfish species like striped bass, fluke, bluefish, scup, and tautog, among others. This data is instrumental in monitoring and assessing fish populations in marine waters.

Participants can choose to record their activities in traditional paper logbooks or via an electronic web-based application. Regardless of the method, paper logbooks will be provided to all anglers, complete with prepaid postage for easy return and instructions for filling them out. Each angler receives a unique personal code number to ensure confidentiality. Upon submission and data entry, all paper logbooks are returned to participants, who also receive updates on program results and notifications about public hearings related to recreational fishery management regulations. The VAS offers an opportunity for anglers to actively contribute to the sustainability and understanding of marine fisheries while enjoying their recreational activities.

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