Deer and Elk Multi-Season Tags in Washington State


Washington State's Multi-season tag broadens hunting opportunities for deer and elk, allowing hunters to use all three weapon choices (modern rifle, muzzleloader, archery) across various seasons until the tag is filled. This tag offers expanded flexibility and increases the chance of a successful hunt.

Benefits of Multi-Season Tag

  • Weapon Flexibility: Hunters can use modern rifle, muzzleloader, or archery in the respective seasons.
  • Expanded Hunting Area: Eligible to hunt elk across both sides of Washington State.
  • Increased Success Rate: Enhanced opportunity to harvest deer or elk due to extended hunting options.

Special Hunts

Holders of Multi-season tags are eligible to apply for special hunts for each weapon type. For elk, this includes special hunts across the state, offering a unique and varied hunting experience.

How to Get a Multi-Season Tag

  1. Application Purchase: Multi-season applications for deer and/or elk are available from authorized license dealers.

    • Residents: A specific fee is set.
    • Non-Residents: A higher specific fee compared to residents.
    • Youth: Discounted fee for younger hunters.
  2. Drawing Results: Applicants can check if they have been drawn online.

  3. Tag Purchase: If selected, purchase the Deer or Elk Multi-season tag.

    • Deer Tag: A set price is available for both residents and non-residents.
    • Elk Tag: A set price, generally higher than the deer tag.

Prices are distinct for residents and non-residents, reflecting the broader hunting opportunities provided by these tags.

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