Access Point Angler Intercept Survey (APAIS)

Ensuring Sustainable Fisheries in Delaware

The Delaware Division of Fish and Wildlife (DDFW) is committed to the sustainable management of fisheries to ensure the continued excellence of fishing experiences in the state. Recognizing the need for accurate and comprehensive data, DDFW, in collaboration with the Atlantic Coastal Cooperative Statistics Program (ACCSP), conducts the Access Point Angler Intercept Survey (APAIS). This vital component of the Marine Recreational Information Program (MRIP) aims to collect precise numbers on fish caught and harvested by recreational anglers, playing a critical role in informing sustainable fishing regulations and practices.

Benefits of APAIS

Conducting APAIS allows for:

  • Improved Data Quality and Collection Efficiency: Enhanced methodologies lead to more accurate and efficient data collection.
  • Increased Angler Participation: Engaging more anglers leads to a broader data set, providing a more comprehensive view of fishery status.
  • Greater Stakeholder Confidence: Trust in the data collected increases with the direct involvement and validation from local anglers.

What to Expect During the Survey

When approached by DDFW fisheries personnel at various access points along the Delaware coast, anglers can expect a brief, structured interview divided into two parts:

  1. Background Information:

    • Fishing mode (private boat, shore, or charter boat)
    • Gear type
    • Number of anglers and hours spent fishing
    • General area fished
    • Targeted fish species
    • County and state of residence
  2. Catch Details:

    • Species and number of fish released or kept
    • Condition of released fish (used for bait, released alive or dead)
    • Measurements and weight of retained fish

Your Role in Conservation

By participating in APAIS, anglers contribute significantly to the conservation and sustainability of Delaware's fisheries. Your involvement acts as a direct link to the health and management of waterways, providing essential information that helps shape fishing regulations and conservation strategies. Anglers are the frontline of marine conservation, and through your input, you ensure a thriving, sustainable recreational fishing environment for future generations.

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