Delaware Department of Natural Resources, Environmental Control (DNREC), Fish & Wildlife Contact Information

Executive Leadership

Governor of Delaware

  • John C. Carney

DNREC Secretary

  • Shawn M. Garvin

Division of Fish and Wildlife Director

  • Patrick J. Emory

Advisory Council on Wildlife and Freshwater Fish


  • Steven M. Kendus

Vice Chair

  • Linda Parkowski


  • Elio Battista, Jr.
  • J. Neal Dukes
  • Garrett L. Grier, Jr.
  • Nathan R. Hudson
  • Joe C. Johnson
  • Tim Mumford
  • Dale R. Scuse

Division of Fish and Wildlife: Key Contacts

Main Office

  • Address: Richardson and Robbins Building, 89 Kings Highway, Dover, DE 19901
  • Hours: Monday - Friday, 8:00 A.M. – 4:30 P.M. (excluding Holidays)
  • Main Line: Not Specified

Specific Sections and Services

Wildlife Management Section

  • Contact Number: 302-739-9912

Wildlife Regional Offices

  • Region 1 (New Castle County): 302-834-8433
  • Region 2 (Kent County): 302-284-4795
  • Region 3 (Sussex County): 302-539-3160

Species Conservation and Research Program

  • Contact Number: 302-735-3600 x 2

Wildlife Lottery/Check Stations

  • Augustine: 302-836-7294
  • Cedar Swamp: 302-653-8080
  • Woodland Beach: 302-653-4802
  • Little Creek: 302-739-4610
  • Assawoman: 302-539-3160

Hunter Education

  • Contact Number: 302-735-3600 x 1

Ommelanden Range

  • Contact Number: 302-601-6267

Recreational Licensing Section

  • General Licensing Info: 302-739-9918
  • Boat Registration, Ramp Certificates & Commercial Fisheries: 302-739-9916

Fish and Wildlife Natural Resources Police

  • 24 Hr. Dispatch: 1-800-523-3336
  • Main Office: 302-739-9913

Office of Boating Safety and Education

  • Contact Number: 302-739-9915

County Contact Numbers

  • New Castle County: 302-836-4682
  • Kent County: 302-739-6139
  • Sussex County: 302-855-1901

Operation Game Theft (Anonymous Tips)

  • Hotline: 1-800-292-3030

Federal Wildlife Information

U.S. Department of the Interior

Enforcement U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Office

  • Address: 70 Sarah Circle, Suite F Camden, DE 19934
  • Contact Number: 302-697-1612

National Wildlife Refuges

  • Bombay Hook (near Smyrna): 302-653-9345
  • Prime Hook (near Milton): 302-684-8419

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