Waterfowl Hunting Dates and Open Areas

Waterfowl hunting in Oklahoma is subject to specific dates and open areas to ensure responsible and sustainable hunting practices. Here are the key dates and open areas for waterfowl hunting:

Panhandle Counties (High Plains Mallard Management Unit)

  • Season Dates: Waterfowl hunting in Panhandle Counties is open from October 7 to January 3.

  • Youth, Veteran & Active Military Waterfowl Days: Special youth, veteran, and active military waterfowl hunting days are scheduled for September 30 and February 3.

Zones 1 & 2

  • Season Dates: Waterfowl hunting in Zones 1 & 2 is open from November 11 to November 26 and then from December 2, 2023, to January 28, 2024.

  • Youth, Veteran & Active Military Waterfowl Days: Special youth, veteran, and active military waterfowl hunting days are scheduled for November 4 and February 3.

Duck and Merganser Daily Limits

Ducks, Mergansers & Coots Regulations

When it comes to hunting ducks and mergansers in Oklahoma, there are specific daily limits and regulations in place to ensure sustainable hunting practices. Here are the details:

Daily Limit

  • Hunters are allowed a combined daily limit of six ducks and mergansers. This daily limit can include any species of duck.

Species-Specific Limits

  • Within the daily limit of six, there are additional species-specific limits:
    • Up to five mallards are allowed in the daily limit, but only two of them may be hens.
    • Hunters can take three wood ducks.
    • Two redheads are permitted.
    • Two canvasbacks are allowed.
    • One scaup is allowed.
    • One pintail is allowed.

Inclusion of Mergansers

  • Mergansers are included in the duck daily limit. This means that any mergansers taken during your hunt count towards the daily limit of six combined ducks and mergansers.

Wetland Development Units (WDUs) in Oklahoma

Wetland Development Units (WDUs) play a vital role in providing both waterfowl hunting opportunities and essential habitat and refuge resources for migratory birds in Oklahoma. Here's an overview of WDUs and their key features:

Nontoxic Shot and Shooting Hours

  • All shotgun hunting activities within WDUs are restricted to federally-approved nontoxic shot. The possession of lead shot is prohibited to protect the environment and wildlife.
  • Shooting hours for waterfowl hunting on WDUs close at 1 p.m. daily, ensuring the conservation of waterfowl populations.

Half-Day Hunting

  • Hunting on WDUs is limited to half-day hunting sessions, starting half an hour before official sunrise and concluding at 1 p.m. daily.

Permanent Blinds

  • No permanent blinds are permitted on WDUs, allowing for a fair and equitable hunting experience for all.

Area-Specific Information

Here are some specific WDUs in Oklahoma, along with their hunting contact information:

  1. Copan WDU

    • Hunting Contact: (918) 629-5108
  2. Deep Fork WMA: Swift Bottoms WDU

    • Hunting Contact: (918) 759-1816
  3. Drummond Flats WMA

    • Hunting Contact: (580) 541-5319
  4. Eufaula WMA: Deep Fork WDU

    • Hunting Contact: (918) 617-1113
  5. Fort Cobb WMA: Walnut Slough WDU

    • Hunting Contact: (580) 595-0347
  6. Grassy Slough WDU

    • Hunting Contact: (580) 513-5020
  7. Hackberry Flat WMA & WDU

    • Hunting Contact: (405) 823-8425
  8. Hugo WMA: Hugo/Kiamichi River & Sawyer WDUs

    • Hunting Contact: (580) 513-5020
  9. Hulah WMA: Whipporwill WDU

    • Hunting Contact: (918) 629-5108
  10. Keystone WMA: Boston Pool, Buckeye Creek & Cottonwood Creek WDUs

    • Hunting Contact: (918) 629-4625
  11. Love Valley WMA: Stevens Springs WDU

    • Hunting Contact: (405) 823-9038
  12. McClellan-Kerr WMA: Billy Creek & Chouteau WDUs

    • Hunting Contact: (918) 625-3910
  13. Mountain Park WDU

    • Hunting Contact: (580) 595-0347
  14. Okmulgee WMA: Okmulgee East & Okmulgee West WDUs

    • Hunting Contact: (918) 759-1816
  15. Oologah WMA: Overcup Bottoms & Upper Verdigris WDUs

    • Hunting Contact: (918) 629-5286
  16. Packsaddle WMA: Bonser Marsh WDU & Designated WDU Areas

    • Hunting Contact: (580) 515-2030
  17. Red Slough WDU

    • Hunting Contact: (580) 513-5020
  18. Waurika WMA: Waurika WDU & Walker Creek WDU

    • Hunting Contact: (580) 595-0347
  19. White Grass Flats WDU

    • Hunting Contact: (580) 513-5020
  20. Wister WMA: Joe Johnson WDU & Fourche Maline WDU

    • Hunting Contact: (918) 721-2990


Ducks, Mergansers & Coots Regulations

Daily Limit:


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