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Celebrating 14,000 caught, documented and released bass including 135 Hall of Fame wins of bass weighing over 13 lbs.

TrophyCatch: Anglers as Citizen-Scientists

Overview of TrophyCatch Program

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission's TrophyCatch program is an innovative initiative transforming anglers into citizen-scientists. Central to the program is the act of fishing, specifically targeting trophy bass (8 pounds or larger). However, the critical contribution of the anglers is in the documentation and release of these large bass.

The Role of Anglers

To participate, anglers must:

  • Catch a Trophy Bass: Specifically, bass weighing 8 pounds or more.
  • Document the Catch: Properly photograph or video the catch with a scale to verify the weight.
  • Release the Bass: Safely release the trophy-sized bass back into the water to ensure its continued survival and contribution to the ecosystem.
  • Share the Catch Story: Upload the documentation and details of the catch to TrophyCatch, providing invaluable data for research and conservation.

Contribution to Research and Conservation

The data collected by TrophyCatch anglers is vital for various Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) research projects. It influences:

  • Genetic Studies: Understanding the genetic makeup of trophy bass helps in their conservation and proliferation.
  • Ecological Health Assessments: Data on trophy bass catches helps assess the health of Florida's freshwater bodies.
  • Fish Handling Education: Insights into how trophy bass are caught and released inform best practices for minimizing stress and harm to these fish.

Impact on Regulations and Management

The insights gained from the TrophyCatch program are instrumental in shaping FWC's freshwater black bass regulations. As the program continues, it remains a pivotal element in the management decisions for Florida's freshwater bodies. For more in-depth information and current research influenced by TrophyCatch data, visit Trophy Research.

Goals of TrophyCatch

The program aims to:

  1. Mold Anglers into Citizen-Scientists: By engaging in the TrophyCatch program, anglers actively contribute to the scientific understanding and conservation of trophy bass.
  2. Promote Catch-and-Release: Encouraging the release of large, mature bass ensures their survival and availability for future anglers and genetic diversity.
  3. Boost Florida's Freshwater Fishing: Collaborate with anglers, fishing-related businesses, and local communities to promote ethical fishing and enhance the state's reputation as a premier fishing destination.

Stay Updated with TrophyCatch and Big Catch Programs

TrophyCatch: Be Part of the Community

Stay Updated and Engaged:

  • Stay Informed: Sign up for program-only emails at TrophyCatch.com to receive the latest updates, tips, and stories.
  • Social Media Connection: "Like" or "Follow" the TrophyCatch pages on Facebook and YouTube (TrophyCatchFlorida) to see who's reeling in the largest bass, learn about Florida waters, and discover supporting companies.

By engaging with TrophyCatch online, you'll be in the know about current catches, angler stories, and the conservation impact of the program.

Big Catch: Celebrate Memorable Catches

Explore the Diversity:

  • 33 Freshwater Species: The Big Catch program celebrates anglers who land memorable-sized catches of 33 different freshwater species.
  • Become an Elite Angler: Learn about the requirements and rewards of becoming an Elite Angler in the Big Catch program. Flip to the "Freshwater Fish of Florida" section or visit the official site for more details on how to participate and register your catches.

State Record Pursuits

Aiming for Records:

  • Reporting a Record: If you believe you've caught a possible Florida state record, it's crucial to report it immediately to the nearest FWC Regional Office.
  • Detailed Information: Understand the specifics of what constitutes a state record, verification processes, and previous records at BigCatchFlorida.

How to submit your 8 lbs. or larger bass:

Florida Angler Recognition Programs

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