Crustaceans & Mollusks Regulations in Florida State Waters

Symbols Key:

  • «: Spearing Prohibited
  • p: Must Remain in Whole Condition (removal of gills and guts allowed).
  • u: Measured as Total Length.
  • n: State Regulations Apply in Federal Waters.
  • l: Additional Gear Rules Apply.
  • T: Harvest Prohibited with Any Multiple Hook with Natural Bait.
  • X: State Reef Fish Angler Designation Required.

Specific Crustaceans & Mollusks Regulations:

Bay Scallops – l

  • Season: Varies by county.
  • Daily Recreational Bag Limit: 2 gallons whole or 1 pint meat per harvester; vessel limits apply. Special limits for Dixie and Taylor County from June 15–30.
  • Remarks: Harvest zones and direct transit allowances specified.

Spiny Lobster – « p

  • Minimum Size Limit: Carapace must be greater than 3" measured in the water.
  • Seasons: Sport Season in July, Regular Season Aug. 6–March 31.
  • Daily Recreational Bag Limit: Varies between Sport and Regular Season.
  • Remarks: Recreational trapping prohibited, permit required, and egg-bearing females protected.

Crab, Stone – « n

  • Minimum Size Limits: 2 7/8" claw.
  • Closed Season: May 2–Oct. 14.
  • Daily Recreational Bag Limit: 1 gallon claws per harvester or 2 gallons per vessel, whichever is less.
  • Remarks: Maximum of 5 traps, whole crab possession illegal, egg-bearing crabs protected.


  • Minimum Size Limit: 3".
  • Closed Season: Varies by county and area.
  • Daily Recreational Bag Limit: 2 bags per harvester or vessel, except Apalachicola Bay.
  • Remarks: Harvest from approved areas during daylight only, harvest prohibited during closed status, bay-specific regulations apply.

Shrimp – p

  • Closed Season: April & May in select counties.
  • Daily Recreational Bag Limit: 5 gallons heads on per harvester or vessel, whichever is less.
  • Remarks: Additional regulations for specific counties available on

Clams (Hard) – l

  • Minimum Size Limits: 1" thick across hinge.
  • Daily Recreational Bag Limit: One 5-gallon bucket per harvester or 2 per vessel (whole in shell).
  • Remarks: Illegal to harvest from closed areas, check for open areas.

Crab, Blue – «

  • Closed Season: Regional trap closures apply.
  • Daily Recreational Bag Limit: 10 gallons whole per harvester.
  • Remarks: Maximum of 5 traps, trap requirements apply, egg-bearing crabs protected.


Adhering to the regulations for crustaceans and mollusks ensures the sustainable use and conservation of these species. Restrictions on bag limits, sizes, and seasons are critical for maintaining healthy populations and ecosystems. Always consult the most current guidelines at for updates and changes, ensuring compliance with all regulations for responsible harvesting practices. These practices contribute to the conservation of crustacean and mollusk species and the overall health of marine ecosystems.

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