Department of Natural Resources Leadership and Board


  • Governor: Brian P. Kemp
  • Commissioner, Department of Natural Resources: Mark Williams
  • Director, Wildlife Resources Division: Ted Will
  • Director, Coastal Resources Division: Doug Haymans
  • Colonel, Law Enforcement Division: Thomas Barnard

Board of Natural Resources*

  • First District: Alfred W. “Bill” Jones, III
  • Second District: Jeff “Bodine” Sinyard
  • Third District: Patrick Denney
  • Fourth District: Dwight H. Evans
  • Fifth District: Paul Shailendra
  • Sixth District: Dwight J. Davis
  • Seventh District: Randy Dellinger
  • Eighth District: Gary Vowell
  • Ninth District: William A. Bagwell, Jr.
  • Tenth District: Ray P. Lambert, Jr.
  • Eleventh District: Robert D. Leebern, Jr.
  • Twelfth District: Duncan N. Johnson, Jr.
  • Thirteenth District: Billy E. New, Jr.
  • Fourteenth District: Delos H. Yancey, III
  • Coastal District: Nancy A. Addison


  • Joe Hatfield
  • Nick Ayers
  • Miki Thomaston
  • Tim Lowe

*List of Board Members was current as of press time. For the most recent list, please visit

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