Georgia GWF Message to Hunters

GWF Message

Hunting has played an integral role in the lives of many Georgians by connecting them with nature, fostering family bonds, and cultivating a deep appreciation for conservation. The numbers are in and the increased participation in outdoor recreation we saw during Covid shutdowns has resulted in current numbers exceeding those in 2019 by 10%. This shows that the folks who were reactivated or who were mentored these past 3 years are becoming hunters and anglers.

Moving forward, it’s essential to build upon this momentum and continue promoting these activities to ensure their long-term sustainability. Encouraging others to participate, mentoring newcomers, and fostering a sense of community can help maintain and grow the number of hunters and anglers. By sharing the joy and benefits of hunting and fishing, we can preserve these time-honored traditions and create a positive impact on individuals, the environment, and future generations.

It is hard to explain in words the value gained from our experiences outdoors. They say a picture is worth a thousand words but most of the time we’re simply sharing the result of an extraordinary experience. The sight, smell, and sound of sunrise afield is something words cannot possibly capture, and that experience is needed to spread our passion to others. When you consider taking someone afield for the first time, picture the bond that can be forged as you explore the great outdoors together, honing skills, and creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Georgia DNR invites you to be a part of the solution to preserve the hunting heritage. Doing your part is simple – find a friend, co-worker, child, or family member who’s never been hunting and take them into the field with you. Together, we can reignite and share our passion for hunting and ensure its continuation for generations to come. So, let’s grab our gear, embrace the thrill of the hunt, and share the true gift that Georgia has to offer – its natural resources.

Chattahoochee & Oconee National Forests Hunting Seasons

Chattahoochee National Forest Deer Seasons

For hunting in areas outside of wildlife management areas (WMAs), the following dates and regulations apply:

Firearms Deer Season (Buck Only)

  • Duration: October 21, 2023, to January 1, 2024
  • Either-Sex Days (West of I-75): Only on designated county either-sex days; otherwise, buck only.
  • East of I-75: There is no antlerless deer hunting during archery, primitive weapons, and firearms deer seasons.

Oconee National Forest Deer Seasons

Hunters must observe these dates and restrictions in zones outside of WMAs:

Firearms Deer Season (Buck Only)

  • Duration: October 21, 2023, to January 14, 2024
  • Either-Sex Days: November 4-5, November 25-26, and December 30-31, during which antlerless deer may be taken in addition to antlered deer.

For further details on archery and primitive weapons seasons in these national forests, hunters should refer to pages 64 & 65 of the provided regulation guide. These specifics will assist hunters in planning their hunting activities within Chattahoochee and Oconee National Forests in accordance with the outlined seasonal dates and deer sex regulations.

Georgia GWF Message to HuntersGeorgia GWF Message to Hunters

Georgia GWF Message to HuntersGeorgia GWF Message to Hunters

Georgia GWF Message to Hunters

Georgia GWF Message to Hunters

Georgia GWF Message to HuntersGeorgia GWF Message to Hunters

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