Five Things You Can Do To Be A Responsible Angler

Coastal Georgia's diverse saltwater habitats offer abundant fishing opportunities. To ensure the sustainability of these resources and respect for the aquatic life, here are five practices you can adopt:

  1. Buy a Fishing License with SIP Permit: Funding from licenses supports fisheries management, access projects, and conservation law enforcement. The Saltwater Information Program (SIP) permit helps identify you as a Georgia saltwater angler and assists in management and federal fund allocation.
  2. Minimal Handling: Handle the fish as little as possible. Ideally, leave the fish in the water when releasing it. If you need to remove it, wet your hands first to protect its slime coat.
  3. Proper Hold for Photographs: When photographing a catch, support the fish horizontally and evenly with your hands to support its weight and avoid injury.
  4. Revive Lethargic Fish: If a fish is lethargic after catch and release, gently force water over its gills by holding it in the current or moving it in a figure-eight motion until it revives.
  5. Use Appropriate Hooks: Employ non-stainless steel, non-offset circle hooks whenever possible. These hooks are believed to decrease the chance of gut hooking and increase survival rates post-release. They also degrade faster than stainless steel if left in the fish, reducing long-term harm.

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