Unlawful Hunting Practices

Trespassing and Permission

  • Hunting without landowner consent is illegal, including on rights-of-way.
  • Written permissions are mandatory for hunting on posted lands.

Substance Influence

  • Hunting under the influence of drugs or alcohol is prohibited.

Wildlife Handling

  • It is unlawful to hold, possess, release, or import wildlife without a DNR permit.

Illegal Possession

  • Concealing or possessing wildlife known to be illegally taken is a violation.

Ethical Hunting

  • Hunters must make a reasonable effort to retrieve killed or crippled game.

Protected Species

  • It's illegal to hunt or harm farmed deer or exotic wild animals under a wild animal license.

Safety and Respect

  • Do not hunt or shoot from or across public roads.
  • Hunting from vehicles, planes, or boats under power is forbidden.

Commercial Activities

  • Selling or buying game species or their parts is illegal with few exceptions (certain deer parts, furbearer hides, and alligator products).

Unethical Tactics

  • Remotely discharging firearms via computer or device for hunting is banned.
  • Drugs, poisons, chemicals, explosives, or electronically-amplified sounds for hunting game are prohibited.
  • Taking game with pitfalls, deadfalls, snares, nets, live decoys, or baited hooks is unlawful.
  • Using electronic communications for pursuing game is illegal.

Disturbance of Wildlife

  • Disturbing or driving wildlife from their homes or dens is prohibited.

Firearm Restrictions

  • Discharging firearms within 50 yards of a public road is not allowed.
  • Wildlife cannot be blinded with lights.

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