Unlawful Activities in Georgia Wildlife Management Areas (WMAs)

Prohibited Activities in WMAs

To preserve the integrity of Georgia's WMAs, the following activities are strictly forbidden:

  • Man-Drives: Organizing a man-drive, involving three or more hunters to drive deer or feral swine towards shooters, is illegal.
  • Baiting: Placing bait or wildlife food and hunting any species or feral hog over such bait is prohibited.
  • Target Practicing: Only allowed on designated shooting ranges, any other form of target practicing is unlawful.
  • Circumventing Barriers: Driving around barriers like gates or earth berms that block access is forbidden.
  • Hunting Near Roads: Hunting within 50 yards of a road that is open to vehicular traffic is not allowed.
  • Safety Zones: Hunting within posted safety zones or no hunting areas is a violation of WMA regulations.
  • Alcohol Consumption: Drinking alcohol outside of designated campgrounds is banned (excluding National Forest lands).
  • Reckless Vehicle Operation: Operating vehicles recklessly, causing damage to WMAs, is illegal.
  • Restricting Access: Using methods to close or restrict access to roads or trails is not permitted.
  • Metal Detectors and Artifacts: Metal detecting or artifact collecting is banned.
  • Paintball Equipment: Paintball activities are not allowed (except on National Forest lands).
  • Trapping: Requires a special permit; otherwise, it is considered unlawful.
  • Alcohol and Hunting: Possessing alcohol while actively hunting on National Forest lands is illegal.
  • Cocked Crossbows: Carrying a cocked crossbow inside a motor vehicle is a violation.
  • Loaded Firearms in Vehicles: Possessing a loaded firearm in a vehicle is unlawful during open hunting seasons unless you're a lawful weapons carrier as per O.C.G.A. Section 16-11-125.1.
  • Hunting with Dogs: Hunting any big game species, feral hogs, or coyotes with dogs is prohibited unless explicitly stated otherwise.

Compliance for Conservation

Adhering to these prohibited activities helps ensure the safety, sustainability, and enjoyment of Georgia's rich wildlife resources for all visitors. It is essential that hunters, along with all who utilize WMAs, respect these rules to assist with wildlife management and habitat conservation.

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