Hawaii Hunting License Types and Fee Schedule

Hawaii offers various licenses for hunting that cater to different groups, including residents, non-residents, seniors, and Kalaupapa patients. Each license permits hunting from the time of purchase until the end of Fiscal Year 2023, which concludes on June 30, 2023. It is important to note that all license sales are final and there are no refunds available after the purchase.

Standard Licensing Fees

  • Resident Hunting License with Wildlife Conservation Stamp Included: $20.00
  • Non-Resident Hunting License with Wildlife Conservation Stamp Included: $105.00
  • Senior Hunting License with Wildlife Conservation Stamp Included (for seniors): $10.00
  • Kalaupapa Patient Hunting License with Wildlife Conservation Stamp Included: $10.00

Additional Stamps

  • Game Bird Stamp (applicable to all groups): $10.00

The Game Bird Stamp and the Wildlife Conservation Stamp are incorporated as colorful graphic elements and printed as an integral part of the electronic hunting license document.

License Requirement and Costs

For engaging in any form of hunting within the state of Hawaii, holding a valid hunting license remains a strict requirement. The standard fee for residents seeking a hunting license without the additional stamps is set at $10, and for non-residents, the fee is $95. These licensing options are available for purchase on the designated Hawaii hunting license sales website.

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