Turkey Hunting Regulations: Bag Limits, Tag Requirements, and Handling

Daily and Season Bag Restrictions: Hunters are permitted a daily bag limit of three bearded turkeys. This count also acts as the total season bag limit; hence, within the season, a hunter can harvest no more than three bearded turkeys.

Tag Possession and Costs: While engaging in hunting, it's obligatory for hunters to carry a current, unused turkey tag. The pricing for these mandated tags is set at $5 per tag for residents and $20 per tag for non-residents. It's important to note that turkey tags are non-transferable under any circumstances.

Tagging Protocol: Immediately succeeding a turkey kill, the tag must be affixed using snaps and strapped firmly around the bird's neck or tarsus (the leg part similar to the ankle in humans). For tags obtained online, hunters are required to print them, store them in a sealable plastic bag, and secure them around the turkey with a rubber band.

Tag Purchase Options: In addition to online purchasing options, hunters can also buy tags at select commercial outlets on the island of Hawaiʻi, offering flexibility and ease of access for acquiring the necessary credentials for lawful turkey hunting. Maintaining adherence to these tagging guidelines is essential not only for compliance with regulations but also to ensure the responsible and sustainable harvest of turkey populations.

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