Idaho 2023 Deer Hunting Regulations

Bag Limits and Tags

  • Single Deer Rule: Hunters may only harvest one deer per valid tag.
  • Tag Purchase Flexibility: After early August, both residents and nonresidents are eligible to purchase unsold general season deer tags at nonresident prices for a second deer. However, restrictions exclude the use of second deer tags in specific units (10, 10A, 12, 16A, 17, 19, and 20).
  • Antler Restrictions: Deer with at least one antler over 3 inches are considered antlered, and different classifications are in place for "antlered only," "antlerless," "two-point," and "three-point" deer hunts, with clear definitions provided for each.
  • Species Identification: In restricted seasons, if the head is removed, the fully-haired tail must remain attached to the carcass.

Specialized Hunts and Permits

  • Youth Hunts: Certain deer hunts are reserved for youth only.
  • Archery & Muzzleloader Seasons: Hunters participating in "archery only" or "muzzleloader only" seasons must possess a license with the appropriate permit validation.

Use of Nonresident Tags

  • Nonresident Tag Conversion: An unused nonresident deer/elk tag can be applied to hunt black bear, mountain lion, or gray wolf as long as corresponding seasons are open.

Chronic Wasting Disease Protocol

  • CWD Management: Hunters who harvest deer in designated CWD management zones must submit their deer for testing within 10 days. Zone units and additional information are available at

Resident and Nonresident Options

  • Resident Tags: Idaho residents can choose between a regular deer tag applicable to either a mule deer or a white-tailed deer or opt for a white-tailed deer-only tag for the respective 2023 seasons.
  • Nonresident Limitations: General season deer and elk hunts may have caps, thereby limiting nonresident hunters.

Mandatory Reporting

  • Reporting Timeline: All hunters purchasing deer, elk, or pronghorn tags are required to submit a report within 10 days of harvest, or, in cases of not hunting or harvesting, within 10 days after the close of the hunt season.

These regulations ensure a sustainable, responsible, and effective management of Idaho's deer population and hunting practices for the 2023 season. Hunters are encouraged to thoroughly understand and adhere to all requirements to contribute to the conservation of wildlife and habitats.

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