Indiana Fishing Licenses & Fees (2023-2024)

License Types and Fees

Annual Fishing

  • Resident: $23
  • Nonresident: $60

One-Day Fishing (includes Trout/Salmon)

  • Resident: $10
  • Nonresident: $15

Seven-Day Fishing

  • Nonresident: $35

Senior Annual Fishing (includes Trout/Salmon)

  • Resident (born after March 31, 1943 and at least 64 years old): $3

Senior Fish for Life (includes Trout/Salmon)

  • Resident (qualifying seniors): $23

Trout/Salmon Stamp

  • All users: $11

Annual Hunting and Fishing

  • Resident: $32

Disabled American Veterans Hunt/Fish

  • Resident: $2.75

Disabled American Veterans 10-Year Hunt/Fish

  • Resident: $27.50

License Requirements

Most individuals will require a valid fishing license to fish in public waters in Indiana. This includes lakes, streams, rivers, tributaries, and boundary waters. Key points include:

  • Residents: Must have lived in Indiana for 60 consecutive days prior to purchasing a license and not claim residency elsewhere.
  • Seniors: Indiana residents born after March 31, 1943, and at least 64 years old are eligible for special senior licenses.
  • Disabilities: Disabled American Veterans have access to discounted licenses.
  • Penalties: Fishing without a license or violating fishing regulations may lead to fines and revocation of licenses.

How to Purchase a License

  • Online: Visit the official Indiana DNR website with additional fees applicable.
  • In Person: At over 500 retailers statewide or the DNR Customer Service Center.
  • By Mail: Send necessary details and payment to the DNR Customer Service Center.
  • By Phone: Call the designated number for purchasing licenses.

License Exemptions

Certain groups do not require a license or trout/salmon stamp, including:

  • Age: Indiana residents born before April 1, 1943, and individuals under 18.
  • Disability: Residents who are legally blind or have a developmental disability.
  • Facility Residents: Those in state-owned mental rehabilitation or licensed health care facilities during supervised activities.
  • Private Pond Fishing: If the pond is private and does not connect to public waters, with the property owner's permission.
  • Landowners: Resident owners or lessees of Indiana farmland and their immediate families, under specific conditions.
  • Military/Veterans: Certain active-duty military personnel and disabled American veterans have exemptions or access to special licenses.

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