Indiana Public Shooting Range's Information

Shooting Ranges: Diverse Options for Every Enthusiast

Trap and Skeet

Experience the thrill of precision with trap and skeet shooting. Sharpen your shotgun skills in a dynamic and challenging environment.

Shotgun Patterning

Fine-tune your shotgun performance through specialized patterning sessions. Achieve optimal results for a variety of shooting scenarios.

Rifle Ranges

Engage in long-range precision at rifle ranges with distances reaching up to 200 yards. Perfect for honing your marksmanship with different firearms.

Handgun Distances

Practice handgun proficiency at distances up to 25 yards. Enhance your accuracy and control in a controlled and secure environment.

2D and 3D Archery

Immerse yourself in the art of archery with both 2D and 3D targets. From classic to lifelike, challenge your skills in a diverse archery setting.

Always Remember: Safety and Responsibility

Safety First

Prioritize safety with mandatory ear and eye protection on firearm ranges. Create a secure environment for everyone involved.

Know the Rules

Familiarize yourself with the rules of the range. Adhering to guidelines ensures a harmonious and safe shooting experience for all participants.

Recreational Shooting for Conservation

Participate in recreational shooting as more than just a hobby. It serves as a vital funding source for wildlife and habitat restoration efforts. Your passion contributes to the preservation of nature.

Engage in the diverse world of shooting ranges, from shotgun challenges to archery adventures. Remember, safety is paramount, and your enthusiasm directly supports the conservation of our natural environment.

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