Discover Hunting in New Jersey

New Jersey, known as the Garden State, offers an exceptional array of hunting experiences. Enthusiasts can enjoy over 100 days dedicated to deer hunting, with varied seasons allocated for bow, shotgun, and muzzleloading rifle. The state is also renowned for its top-notch small game, upland bird, and waterfowl hunting, touted as some of the best on the East Coast. For those seeking hunting grounds, the state doesn't disappoint. It boasts over 360,000 acres of public land, including 122 wildlife management areas, meticulously managed to nurture wildlife populations and support wildlife-related recreational activities.

Embarking on a hunting adventure in New Jersey is now more accessible than ever. The NJ Fish & Wildlife department has introduced several enhancements to streamline the process for both new and experienced hunters. Key developments include:

  1. Hunter Education Program: This program now offers a comprehensive, free online course designed to provide essential hunting knowledge and skills.

  2. Electronic License Sales System: The system has been upgraded to offer more options and facilitate easier usage. This improvement is aimed at ensuring a hassle-free licensing experience for hunters.

  3. Apprentice License: A novel introduction, this license allows aspiring hunters to actively engage in hunting activities alongside a licensed hunter. This is an opportunity to gain hands-on experience before completing the mandatory hunter education course.

  4. Recruitment, Retention, and Reactivation (R3) Program: This initiative encompasses various programs, workshops, and mentoring opportunities. It's designed to guide new hunters, retain the interest of current hunters, and reactivate former hunters.

For those new to hunting, getting started in New Jersey is a straightforward process. The state's robust support system and diverse hunting opportunities make it an ideal destination for both novice and seasoned hunters.

Hunter Education Course: Your Gateway to Hunting

Before venturing into the hunting fields of New Jersey, completing a Hunter Education Course is a crucial step. This requirement applies to anyone who hasn't previously held a hunting license or lacks a record of hunter education completion from New Jersey or another state. Here's how you can embark on this journey:

  • Online Hunter Education: Visit for detailed information on New Jersey's Hunter Education program. The website offers a free, interactive online course at This comprehensive course covers all the essentials of hunting education and safety.

  • Completion and Certification: Upon finishing the online course, you'll need to print your course completion voucher. This voucher is necessary for the next phase of your certification process, the in-person, live-fire field session. The website provides all the necessary details for signing up for this session.

Acquiring Your Hunting License

Once you've successfully completed the Hunter Education program and obtained your certification, you're all set to purchase your hunting license. New Jersey offers two convenient options for first-time hunting license buyers:

  1. In-Person Purchase: You can visit a license agent to buy your license. Find your nearest agent at Remember to bring your Hunter Education Course Completion Card and a driver's license (if applicable) to the agent.

  2. Online Purchase: After the Hunter Education staff has entered your information electronically, you'll receive an email confirmation. This confirmation enables you to purchase your license online, offering the convenience of securing your license from home.

Important Reminders

  • License Safekeeping: Always store your hunting license in a safe place and carry it with you during your hunting expeditions.
  • License Display: When hunting, your license must be visibly displayed on your outer clothing.

Additional Resources and Information

For a comprehensive understanding of hunting in New Jersey, visit Stay updated and engaged by following NJ Fish & Wildlife on social media platforms: Facebook ( and Instagram ( Also, explore the NJ Hunting & Trapping Explorer app available at This app provides interactive maps and detailed information on hunting and trapping zones in New Jersey.

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