Overview of Licenses, Permits, and Fees

This comprehensive guide details the various licenses, permits, and fees for fishing, hunting, and outdoor activities. Featuring automation and vendor fees, prices may vary with additional fees for internet purchases.

Annual Licenses

  • Resident Fishing License: $27.50 for state residents, allowing fishing privileges across various waters.
  • Nonresident Fishing License: $52.50 for those not residing in the state, providing fishing access.
  • Resident Senior Fishing License: $15.00 for individuals aged 65-74, offering discounted fishing opportunities.

Combination Licenses

  • Resident Combination Hunting/Fishing License: $47.50, a versatile option for residents engaging in both hunting and fishing.
  • Nonresident Combination Hunting/Fishing License: $137.50, catering to nonresidents seeking extensive outdoor activities.

Special Permits and Privileges

  • Three-pole Permit: $8.50, enabling fishing with three poles simultaneously for both residents and nonresidents.
  • Trout Permit: $14.50 for individuals aged 16 and older to fish for trout in designated areas.
  • Youth Trout Permit: $7.00 for children 15 and younger, promoting youth participation in trout fishing.

Lifetime Licenses

  • Resident Lifetime Fishing License: $502.50, offering lifelong fishing privileges within the state.
  • Resident Senior Lifetime Hunt/Fish Combo: $42.50 for seniors aged 65-74, providing a cost-effective solution for avid outdoorsmen.

Boat Registration

  • 3-Year Boat Registration: $42.50, applicable for both residents and nonresidents to legally operate boats on state waters.

State Park Permits

  • Annual State Park Vehicle Permit: $25.00, granting vehicle access to state parks for a year.
  • State Park Camping Permits: Varying from $10.00 daily to $252.50 annually, accommodating different camping preferences and seasons.

Special Fishing Regulations

  • Paddlefish Permit: $12.50, necessary for targeting paddlefish during the designated season.
  • Handfishing Permit: $27.50, allowing the unique method of fishing by hand across state waters.

Tournament and Conservation Efforts

  • Tournament Black Bass Pass: $14.50, essential for bass fishing tournament participants.
  • Federal Duck Stamp (eDuck): $28.97, required for hunting migratory waterfowl, emphasizing conservation contributions.

License Auto-Renew and 365-day Validity

Select licenses feature auto-renew options and 365-day validity from purchase, enhancing convenience and continuous access to fishing and hunting activities.

Eligibility and Exemptions

Specific age groups and residents with special statuses, such as military personnel and disabled veterans, may qualify for discounted or complimentary licenses, reflecting the state's commitment to accessibility and appreciation for service members.

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