Bobcat Hunting and Trapping Regulations in Kentucky

Bobcat Bag Limits

Hunters are restricted to a bag limit of 5 bobcats per season. No more than 3 bobcats may be taken with a firearm.

Bobcat Hunting Licenses

Requirements for Minors (Under 12 Years Old)

  • License Status: Exempt from requiring a license.

Requirements for Youth (Ages 12-15)

  • License Needed: An Annual Youth Hunting License, which is also a part of the Youth Sportsman’s License, is required for hunting.

Requirements for Those Aged 16 and Older

  • License Options: A Day (1 or 7-day) Hunting License or an Annual Hunting License is required for hunting bobcats. These licenses are included in both the standard Sportsman’s License and the Disability/Senior License.

Bobcat Trapping Licenses

Requirements for Minors (Under 12 Years Old)

  • License Status: Young children are exempt from requiring a trapping license.

Requirements for Youth (Ages 12-15)

  • License Needed: Youth Trapping License is necessary for trapping.

Requirements for Those Aged 16 and Older

  • License Needed: A standard Trapping License is required for individuals in this age group who wish to trap bobcats.

Seasonal Information and Permit Details

Hunting Season Dates

Trapping Season Dates

  • Statewide Season: November 13, 2023 - February 29, 2024.
  • Permit Requirement: Trappers must also carry a valid hunting license (unless exempt) and a bobcat trapping permit.

Submission for Population Studies and Bag Limit Incentive

Hunters and trappers are requested to provide the lower jaws of all harvested bobcats for population studies, and in return, they will be informed of the bobcat's age. Additionally, submitting jaw samples from all harvested bobcats by March 15 allows for an increased bag limit: one additional bobcat for every two harvested in a single season for the next season. To be eligible, confirm the increased bag limit online through MyProfile at

Additional Resources and Purchasing Links

For further clarification on exemptions and requirements, please refer to the current Hunting Guide or visit the license and permit webpage. Licenses and permits can be renewed or purchased at the aforementioned link.

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