Major Changes for the 2023-2024 Louisiana Hunting Regulations

  1. Tag Use Clarification:

    • Detailed guidelines on using deer and turkey tags.
  2. Turkey Hunting Area Adjustments:

    • Franklin, Madison, and Tensas parishes shifted from Turkey Area A to C.
  3. Mottled Duck Bag Limit:

    • Changes to the mottled duck bag limit.
  4. WMA and Leased Dove Fields Shooting Hours:

    • Now consistent with state-wide regulations.
  5. WMA Renaming:

    • Camp Beauregard WMA to Esler Field WMA.
    • Fort Polk - Vernon WMA to Fort Johnson - Vernon WMA.
    • Peason Ridge WMA to Fort Johnson North WMA.
  6. Youth Lottery Introduction:

    • New Youth Lottery at Alexander State Forest WMA.
  7. Small Game Emphasis Area:

    • Created on Bodcau WMA.
  8. Night Time Closures:

    • Specific activities on Bussey Brake WMA after dark.
  9. Either-Sex Deer Days Addition:

    • On Joyce, Maurepas Swamp, and Salvador/Timken WMAs.
  10. Firearms Regulation Change:

    • Little River WMA's Primitive firearms either-sex days converted to modern firearm either-sex days.
  11. Youth Turkey Hunting Changes:

    • Two-day youth turkey lottery at Pearl River WMA changed to a two-day open youth turkey season.
  12. Turkey Season Closures:

    • At Richard K Yancey WMA and Sherburne WMA.
  13. Deer Hunting Opportunity:

    • Reduction of days on Sherburne WMA.
  14. Turkey Season Adjustments:

    • Removal of the general turkey lottery and a new 9-day open season proposed for Tunica Hills WMA.
  15. Handicap Accessible Hunting:

    • Establishment of a PCHP wheelchair blind hunting area on West Bay WMA.
  16. Experimental Hunting Area:

    • Elimination on Fort Johnson - Vernon WMA.
  17. Little River Basin Hunting:

    • Permitted during managed hunts on Dewey Wills WMA.
  18. Altered Exhaust System Prohibition:

    • On vessels in WMAs.

General Hunting Information and Hunter Education Requirements in Louisiana

Basic Hunting License Necessity

  • Mandatory for hunting, taking, or transporting wild birds and quadrupeds
  • Exceptions are detailed on page 8

Monetary Values for Wildlife Violations

  • Per Act 169 (1988 Session of the Legislature):
  • Monetary reimbursements assigned to wildlife illegally taken, possessed, injured, or destroyed
  • Offenders must pay LDWF the assigned value in addition to facing criminal penalties

Hunter Education Certification

  • Required for anyone born on or after Sept. 1, 1969
  • Must complete a LDWF-approved Hunter Education course to hunt

Exceptions to Hunter Education

  • A hunter can forgo certification if accompanied by:
    1. A valid license holder born before Sept. 1, 1969
    2. An individual 18+ with proof of completed Hunter Education course
  • "Direct Supervision" defined as being within audible voice contact and direct line of sight at all times

Hunter Education Exemption

  • Exemption available for:
    • Active or veteran U.S. Armed Services members
    • Any POST-certified law enforcement officer
  • Apply for exemption via

Additional Information and Course Scheduling

  • Visit for:
    • Scheduling Hunter Education courses
    • Contacting local hunter education offices

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