Season Dates Daily Bag Limit Possession Limit
Dove (Mourning, White-winged, Fully Dressed Eurasian, and Collard Doves) North Zone:
September 2-24
October 7 - November 12
December 23 - January 21

South Zone:
September 2-17
October 14 - November 26
December 16 - January 14
15 in aggregate 45 in aggregate
Rails and Gallinules September 15-30
November 11 - January 3

Extended Falconry*:
November 4 - January 31

King and Clapper:
15 in aggregate

Sora and Virginia:
25 in aggregate

Gallinules: 15

King and Clapper: 45

Sora and Virginia: 75

Gallinules: 45
Snipe November 2 - December 3
December 16 - February 28
8 24

December 18 - January 31

Extended Falconry*:
November 4 - January 31

3 9
Teal (Blue, Green, and Cinnamon) September 15-30 6 18
Ducks, Coots, Mergansers East Zone:
  • Regular season: November 18 - December 3 and December 16 - January 28
  • Youth and veterans only: November 11 and February 3

West Zone:
  • Regular season: November 11 - December 3; December 11  - January 7; January 13 - 21
  • Youth and veterans only: November 4-5

Extended Falconry (all zones):
November 3 - January 31

Ducks: Daily bag limit on ducks is 6 and may include no more
than 4 mallards (no more than 2 females), 3 wood ducks, 2 canvasbacks, 2 redheads, 1 black duck and 1 pintail. Only 1 scaup may be taken for the first 15 days of the season with 2 per day allowed for the remainder. No mottled ducks may be taken for the first 15 days of the season with 1 per day allowed for the remainder. Daily bag limits for scaup and mottled ducks during youth  and veterans hunting days are 0 mottled ducks and 1
scaup if before the regular season, 1 mottled duck and 2 scaup if after the regular season.

Coots: 15

Mergansers: 5 (only 2 of which may be hooded)
3 times the daily bag limit
Light Geese (Snow, Blue, Ross), White-fronted Geese (Specklebelly), and Canada Geese East Zone:
November 4 - December 3
December 16 - January 28

West Zone:
November 4 - December 3
December 11 - January  7
January 13 - 28
Light Geese: 20

White-fronted Geese: 3

Canada Geese: 1
Light Geese: None

White-fronted Geese: 9

Canada Geese: 3
Conservation Order for Light Geese* East Zone:
December 4-15
January 29 - March 3

West Zone:
December 4-10
January 8-12
January 29 - March 3
None None

*Falconry daily bag and possession limit for all permitted migratory game birds must not exceed 3 and 9 birds respectively, singly or in aggregate, during the extended falconry seasons and regular hunting seasons.

*Only snow, blue, and Ross’s geese may be taken under the terms of the Conservation Order, which allows the use of electronic calls and unplugged shotguns and eliminates the daily bag and possession limits. During the Conservation Order, shooting hours begin one-half hour before sunrise and extend until one-half hour after sunset.

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