Maryland's Artificial Reef Initiatives: A Collaborative Effort for Marine Habitat Restoration

Maryland stands out for its commitment to enhancing marine life through the establishment of artificial reef sites across both bay and ocean territories. This initiative is the result of a partnership that includes the Maryland Department of Natural Resources, the Maryland Artificial Reef Initiative (MARI), and the Ocean City Reef Foundation, all of which collaborate to bolster fish habitats within the state's tidewater areas.

MARI, a volunteer-driven coalition, brings together over 60 entities spanning private, state, and federal sectors. The organization's primary mission is to safeguard, rejuvenate, and develop new fish habitats in Maryland's tidewater zones. This initiative thrives on a unique financial framework, supported by an agreement with the Coastal Conservation Association Maryland. Through this arrangement, MARI leverages both private and corporate contributions to fund reef construction projects, underscoring the community's vested interest in marine conservation.

The Ocean City Reef Foundation plays a pivotal role in constructing reefs in the waters off Ocean City. This organization, in synergy with MARI, encourages the public to contribute to reef building efforts. Recognized as a non-profit entity under the 501(c)(3) status, the Foundation accepts donations through its website,, making it easy for anyone to support their endeavors.

For individuals seeking comprehensive insights into Maryland's artificial reef projects, detailed information, including the specific coordinates of the reefs managed by MARI and the Ocean City Reef Foundation, is readily available. Interested parties are directed to the Maryland Department of Natural Resources' official website, This resource serves as a gateway for the public to understand the scope and impact of artificial reefs in Maryland, offering an in-depth look at how these structures contribute to marine ecosystem restoration and conservation.

Maryland Artificial Reef Fishing Information

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