Blue Crab Identification


Maryland Blue Crab Identification

An immature (adolescent) female blue crab is easily identified as having an inverted “V” or triangular shaped apron and red-tipped claws.


Maryland Blue Crab Identification

A mature (adult) female blue crab identified as having an inverted “U” or bell-shaped apron and red-tipped claws.


Maryland Blue Crab Identification

A mature male blue crab with a long, narrow, inverted “T” shaped apron and blue-tipped claws.

Turtle Reduction Devices Are Required By Law

Turtle reduction devices are required in recreational crab pots in Maryland. These devices reduce the number of terrapins entering a crab pot without hindering blue crab entry. Without turtle reduction devices, terrapins can enter crab pots and drown. To get instructions for making or attaching a turtle reduction device, visit

Maryland Blue Crab Identification

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