Acknowledging Maryland Deer Processors

The Department of Natural Resources extends gratitude to the dedicated deer processors who play a pivotal role in the Wildlife and Heritage Service's data collection initiative aimed at understanding Maryland's deer populations. The processor's cooperation significantly contributes to the accumulation of vital statistics that are crucial in the strategic management and conservation of this cherished species.

Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) Approved Processors

Among these esteemed processors, those marked with ◆ are recognized as approved handlers in relation to Chronic Wasting Disease. These processors adhere to specific guidelines ensuring safer handling and processing of deer in the context of CWD. The Department maintains and routinely updates a list of these approved processors, reflecting the ongoing efforts to mitigate CWD risks.

Resources and Processor Information

For the most current information on deer processors, including those approved for CWD handling, hunters and the general public can refer to the Department's website. The comprehensive list is made readily accessible at CWD in Maryland page. This resource is valuable for hunters needing processing services and for those interested in CWD monitoring efforts in the state.


◆ B&B Butchering - 301-478-2558

◆ B&B Country Meats - 301-689-6225

Anne Arundel

Harwood Butcher Shop - 410-212-8803

Ray Hitchcock Taxidermy - 410-987-6990


Trophy Care Taxidermy &
Deer Processing - 410-282-1118


Big Boys Butcher & Deer Processing - 443-534-4555

Rowell’s Butcher Shop - 443-295-7449


Frases’ Meat Shop - 410-673-7249

Knife Box Custom Cuts - 443-262-5694

Richard’s Deer Shop - 410-279-0622

Tuckahoe River Deer Processing - 443-786-5199


C & L Deer Processing - 410-374-6424

JB Farms - 410-756-5656

M & G Wild Game Processing - 443-375-7138


Buckland’s Deer Processing - 443-350-0573

Ron Bennett - 443-553-4239


Chuck’s Butcher Shop - 301-283-0743

or 301-375-8371


Bucktown Butcher Shop - 443-521-4286

Kramer’s Butcher Shop - 443-521-7501

The Duck Stop - 443-521-7128

or 443-521-2026


◆ Clint’s Cuts - 301-865-5120 or 301-748-1505

◆ KD Deer Processing - 240-285-6143

◆ Pry’s Deer Processing - 301-834-8752

◆ Rob’s Deer Shop - 301-271-7780

◆ Wolfe’s Deer Shop - 240-549-2613


EJ’s Meat Processing - 301-245-4409

Hayhurst Custom Meat Processing - 301-334-6328

Second Chance Farms - 301-616-7794

Yoder’s Butcher Barn - 240-807-9361


All-Star Deer Processing - 410-830-0275


Alexander’s Deer Processing - 410-441-4121

John’s Butcher Shop - 410-778-3550


KS Kuts - 301-606-5203 or 240-457-1844

Tim Mullinix - 240-246-6199

Prince George’s

Harwood Butcher Shop - 410-212-8803


Eddie Johnson Deer Processing - 410-603-0047

or 410-603-0046

Holland’s Deer Cutting - 410-251-7608

St. Mary’s

Country Lane Enterprises - 25500 Maidenside Lane

Mike McWilliams Wild Game
Processors - 301-475-9667 or 240-925-6994

Ridgells Whitetail Butcher Shop - 301-904-0406


◆ Banzhoff’s Custom Butchering - 301-223-9326

◆ Ernst Market - 301-842-2292

◆ Holsinger’s Meats & Deli - 301-733-9263

or 800-733-8883

◆ Leitersburg Butcher Shop - 301-491-9911

◆ Mountain Trail Butchers - 301-842-1407

◆ Sunnyland/Ray Burger’s Meats - 301-223-9637

◆ Wolford’s Meat Shop - 301-842-3156


Boondocks Butchers - 410-251-1206

Longhorn Butcher Shop - 410-422-3942

Wright Brothers Butchery
and Taxidermy - 410-546-2053


Captain Ron’s Deer Processing - 410-627-8189

Sussex County, Delaware

Mark’s Meats and More,LLC - 302-933-0307

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