Falconry Hunting Regulations in Maryland

General Hunting Hours and Restrictions

  • Permitted Times: From ½ hour before sunrise to ½ hour after sunset, Sunday through Saturday.
  • Exception: Migratory game birds cannot be hunted on Sundays.

Licensing and Permits

  • Basic Requirements: A valid hunting license and Falconry Permit are compulsory.
  • Migratory Game Birds: Additionally, a Maryland Migratory Game Bird Stamp is needed.

Falconry Seasons for Game

  • Specific seasons listed on Migratory Game Bird Seasons & Limits.
  • Squirrels: Sept 1 – Mar 31.
  • Ruffed grouse: Oct 1 – Mar 31.
  • Pheasants, bobwhite quail, rabbits: Nov 1 – Mar 31.
    • Bobwhite quail hunting disallowed on DNR lands east of the Susquehanna River.

Bag Limits and Clothing

  • Bag and Possession Limits: Hunters must adhere to established limits for the species hunted.
  • Clothing: Falconers are recommended, not required, to wear daylight fluorescent color attire.

Regulations and Further Assistance

  • Falconry is regulated; possession of birds of prey must comply with laws.
  • More information available through the Permits Coordinator at wildlifepermits.dnr@maryland.gov or 301-501-0202.

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