General Definitions and Abbreviations

Essential Terminology for Anglers and Hunters

  • Artificial Fly: A fly rod-castable lure made from various materials wound around a hook.
  • Artificial Lure: Includes spinners, spoons, and molded replicas of worms, insects, and fish, encompassing artificial flies and streamers.
  • Bait: Any scented item like worms or food items used to attract fish. Artificial lures become bait when scented.
  • Black Bass: Encompasses both largemouth and smallmouth bass.
  • Catch: The act of taking or harvesting fish.
  • Chumming: The practice of placing attractants in water to draw fish to a specific area for capture.
  • Circle Hook: A specific hook design intended for bait fisheries, characterized by a point turned back towards the shank.
  • Cull: To release one fish in favor of keeping another of the same species.
  • Daily Creel: The maximum number of fish an angler is allowed to keep in one day.
  • EEZ: The U.S. Exclusive Economic Zone, extending from 3 to 200 nautical miles offshore, under U.S. jurisdiction.
  • In Aggregate: The combined count of related fish species.
  • Live-lining: The use of live fish as bait to catch other fish.
  • Possession: Holding a fish with intent of ownership, with limits on the number after multiple days of fishing.
  • Stinger Hook: A trailing hook attached to the main hook or lure, part of the same setup.
  • Trolling: Fishing by trailing a lure or bait from a moving boat, propelled by various means.

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