Mandatory Life Jacket Regulations and Rapids Classification on the Potomac

Life Jacket Requirements

For those navigating the waters of the upper Potomac River and its tributaries, there is a critical safety regulation in place from November 15 to May 15 annually. During this period, every individual aboard any vessel, raft, or tube is mandated to wear a U.S. Coast Guard Approved life jacket. This rule specifies the use of Type I, II, III, or V life jackets. This directive serves as an essential addition to the existing safety measures for navigating White Water Stream segments classified as class III, IV, V, and VI, where wearing life jackets is compulsory at all times, irrespective of the season.

Classification of Rapids

Class III Rapids - Identified as hazardous, these are located from Dam #3 to Knoxville Falls.

Class IV Rapids - Representing a significant hazard to life, these rapids span from the foot of Great Falls to Chain Bridge.

Class VI Rapids - Marked by extreme risk to life, this category includes the Great Falls area extending from the base of the aqueduct dam to a line stretching from the foot of the main falls on the Virginia shoreline to the Maryland shoreline below Olmstead Island.

Safety Recommendations

When embarking on a journey along the Potomac, wearing an approved life jacket is non-negotiable. Additionally, it's advisable to leave a detailed float plan with a reliable contact, including your destination, companions, and expected return time. Awareness of the local weather forecast and recognizing the river's strong, often unpredictable currents—particularly following heavy rainfall—is crucial for safety. Under conditions where the river's water level is above normal, wading is strongly discouraged.

River Flow Resources

For individuals seeking information on river conditions and flow rates, a comprehensive list of resources is available:

  • Conowingo Dam Spill Hotline: 877-457-2525 provides current spill conditions.
  • Jennings Randolph Lake and Savage River Dam Releases: For projections, dial 410-962-7687 or visit the official Army Corps website.
  • Potomac River Flow at Hagerstown: Call 301-223-6377 for flow data.
  • Susquehanna River Flow at Conowingo: Updated flow information can be reached at 888-457-4076.
  • U.S. Geological Survey: Offers flow information for all Maryland waters via
  • Youghiogheny River White Water Release Schedule: Information available at 315-413-2823 or through the Deep Creek Hydro's website.
  • C&O Canal Conditions: Visit for the latest updates on canal conditions.

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