Table of Contents

  • Hunting Hours

    • Times when hunting is legally permitted
  • Required Licenses and Permits

    • Documentation needed to hunt legally
  • Bag Limits

    • Maximum number of game animals that can be taken
  • Hunting Zones

    • Specific areas designated for hunting
  • Hunting Implements

    • Approved equipment for use in hunting
  • Hunting Methods

    • Legal techniques for capturing or killing game
  • Blaze Orange Requirements

    • Safety clothing mandates for hunter visibility
  • Shotgun Deer Season Special Restrictions

    • Rules exclusive to shotgun deer hunting
  • Trapping

    • Regulations and guidelines for capturing wildlife
  • Tagging, Transporting, and Reporting Requirements

    • Post-hunt procedures for game management
  • Hunting Season Framework

    • Structure of the hunting seasons
  • Coyote Hunting Regulations

    • Specific rules for hunting coyotes
  • Contact Information

    • Resources and contacts for additional information

Standard Hunting Hours and Shotgun Deer Season Exception

Standard Hunting Hours

  • Timing:

    • Hunting hours begin ½ hour before sunrise.
  • End Time:

    • Hunting hours extend until midnight.

Exception for Shotgun Deer Season

  • Timing:

    • During shotgun deer season, hunting hours start ½ hour before sunrise.
  • End Time:

    • Exceptionally, hunting hours end ½ hour after sunset during the shotgun deer season.

Required Licenses and Permits for Coyote Hunting

Massachusetts Residents

  • License Needed: Hunting or sporting license


  • License Options:
    • Small game license
    • Big game license

Purchase Platform

  • Where to Buy: Licenses and permits available via MassFishHunt.

Bag limits


Hunting zones

All Wildlife Management Zones statewide.

Hunting Implements


  • Shot Size Limitation: Up to FF (.230 inches diameter).
  • Usage Restriction: Slugs, single balls, and buckshot exclusive to shotgun deer season.

Archery Equipment

  • Legality: All archery tackle permitted, no minimum pull requirement.
  • Crossbow Usage: By permit for permanently disabled persons only.
  • Prohibitions:
    • Poisoned arrows
    • Explosive tips
    • Mechanically drawn bows

Rifles and Handguns

  • Daytime (½ hour before sunrise to ½ hour after sunset):
    • No size or caliber restrictions for rifles or handguns
  • Nighttime (½ hour after sunset to midnight):
    • Rifles: Restricted to .22 long rifle or smaller
    • Handguns: Restricted to .38 caliber or smaller
  • Shotgun Deer Season: Both rifles and handguns prohibited.


  • Smooth Bore:
    • Shot sizes up to FF (.230 inches diameter).
    • Slugs, single balls, and buckshot for shotgun deer season only.
  • Rifled Bore: No caliber size restrictions.

Hunting Methods

Legal Methods

  • Electronic Calls: Allowed outside shotgun deer season.
  • Manual Calls: Permissible except during shotgun deer season.
  • Dogs: Can be used, but not during shotgun deer season.
  • Decoys: No restrictions.
  • Bait: Permitted for use.

Prohibited Methods

  • Artificial Light: Use is illegal.
  • Wanton Waste:
    • It's illegal to abandon wounded or dead game without effort to retrieve.
    • Retrieval and use of each animal for food, pelt, feathers, or taxidermy is required.
    • Exemption for unfit game: Not applicable to damaged, decayed, or diseased game.

Blaze Orange Requirements

Shotgun Season for Deer

  • Requirement:
    • During the shotgun season for deer, hunters must wear 500 square inches of blaze orange.
  • Coverage:
    • The blaze orange must be visible on the chest, head, and back.

Pheasant or Quail Stocked WMA

  • Requirement:
    • When hunting on a pheasant or quail stocked Wildlife Management Area (WMA) during the pheasant/quail season, a blaze orange cap is required.

Special Restrictions for Shotgun Deer Season

Hunting Hours

  • Timing:
    • Hunting hours for shotgun deer season are ½ hour before sunrise to ½ hour after sunset.

Blaze Orange Requirement

  • Coverage:
    • Hunters are required to wear 500 square inches of hunter orange.
    • Blaze orange must be visible on the head, chest, and back.

Prohibited Items

  • Firearms:

    • Rifles and handguns are prohibited during shotgun deer season.
  • Calls:

    • Both electronic and manual calls are prohibited.
  • Canines:

    • The use of dogs for hunting is prohibited during this season.


Learn more about coyote trapping.

Coyote Harvest Reporting Requirements

Reporting Timeframe

  • Reporting Deadline:
    • Coyote harvest must be reported within 48 hours of harvest.

Reporting Options

  • Methods:

    • Report at an official check station or online through the designated platform.
  • Confirmation Number:

    • If reporting online, write the confirmation number on a tag.

Attachment Guidelines

  • Tag Attachment:

    • Attach the tag with the confirmation number to the coyote carcass or pelt.
  • Duration:

    • The confirmation number must remain attached until the pelt or carcass is prepared for mounting, sold, or tanned.

Coyote Hunting Season Framework

  • Season Duration:

    • The coyote hunting season spans from the first Saturday after Columbus Day to March 8 of the following year.
  • Inclusive Periods:

    • This timeframe includes the shotgun deer season.

This delineation provides the specific timeframe during which hunters can pursue coyotes in Massachusetts.

Coyote Hunting Regulations

Reference Purposes

  • Nature of the Page: To be used as a guideline, not an exhaustive legal document.
  • Change Policy: Subject to modifications.

Regulatory Resources

  • Code of Massachusetts Regulations (CMR): Detailed regulations found in 321 CMR 3.02(3).
  • Massachusetts General Laws: Further regulations located in Chapter 131.

Additional Information

Contact Information




  • Number: Call MassWildlife at (508) 389-6300
  • Hours: Monday - Friday, 8 a.m.–4 p.m. (closed 12 p.m.–12:30 p.m. for lunch)

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