Hunting Regulations Summary

Baiting and Equipment

  • Bait use for deer hunting is prohibited.
  • Legal equipment must be used for big game (refer to legal equipment PDF).
  • Firearm users must employ legal ammunition for big game.

Deer Identification and Legality

  • Legal bucks require a minimum antler length of 3 inches.
  • Button bucks, with undeveloped antlers, are not considered legal bucks.
  • Antlerless deer defined as lacking a 3-inch long antler.
  • Ability to differentiate between deer and elk is crucial.

Crossbow Usage

  • Archery deer license holders permitted to hunt deer using crossbows during archery season.
  • Hunters aged 10 and above may use crossbows.
  • Archery harvest registration may inquire about the type of bow used.

Blaze Orange Mandate

  • Ground blinds on public land must exhibit blaze orange (details in blaze orange PDF).

Deer Permit Area Changes

  • New numbering: 343 to 643, 344 to 644, and 184 to 684, all added to CWD management zone.

Youth Hunting Regulations

  • Youth hunting license holders may not have their game tagged by others in their party.

Portable Deer Stand Provision

  • Overnight placement of portable deer stands allowed in designated northwest wildlife management areas (details in deer stands PDF).

Liability for Escaped Farmed Game

  • No owner liability for legally harvested escaped farmed deer or elk; DNR must be notified within 24 hours for tagged game.

Non-toxic Ammunition Protocol

  • Mandatory use of non-toxic ammunition in special and disease management hunts within State Parks and Scientific and Natural Areas (further information in nontoxic ammunition PDF and SNA hunting PDF).

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