2023 Hunting Regulation Updates

Crossbow Use Expanded

  • Archery deer license holders now authorized to use crossbows during the entire archery deer season.
  • Crossbows approved for spring archery wild turkey season with a valid license.
  • Fall wild turkey and bear seasons now permit crossbow use.

Blaze Orange Requirements for Ground Blinds

  • Public land ground blinds require blaze orange safety coverings or patches: 144 sq. inches minimum per side, year-round.

Deer Hunting Adjustments

  • Portable deer stands may remain overnight in specified northwest wildlife management areas (see page 109 for details).
  • Harvesting escaped farmed deer or elk incurs no liability; DNR must be notified within 24 hours (contact details on page 127).
  • Youth hunters restricted from tagging deer taken by others.
  • Muzzleloaders can now be charged from the breech, altering previous muzzleloading definitions.

Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) Measures

  • Statewide CWD testing available for hunters, with instructions on pages 77 and 78.
  • Immediate mandatory CWD testing during opening weekend of Firearms A season in all surveillance and management zones, including new areas (pages 74-76).
  • Expansion of management zones with deer permit areas 343 and 344 re-numbered to 643 and 644.
  • Introduction of new CWD management zone, deer permit area 684, due to recent positive cases.
  • Discontinuation of sampling in DPAs 157, 159, 213, 225, and 273 after three years with no positives.

Non-Toxic Ammunition Compliance

  • Only U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service-approved non-toxic ammunition permitted in special and disease management hunts in State Parks and Scientific and Natural Areas (see page 118 for exceptions).
  • Non-toxic materials include steel shot and other copper, nickel, or zinc-plated projectiles.
  • Lead projectiles, even if plated with non-toxic material, banned (additional information on page 93).
  • Exceptions made for youth special hunts in shotgun-use areas provided deer remains, including entrails, are removed.

Furbearer Trapping and Registration Changes

  • New trapping regulations east and north of U.S. Highway 53 to protect Canada lynx, with specifics on pages 56 and 57.
  • Hibbing furbearer registration station relocated to DNR Drill Core Library at 1521 1st Avenue.
  • Eveleth furbearer registration hours set for 3-6 p.m. on December 19 and January 16.

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