Catch Restrictions in Mississippi

To maintain sustainable fisheries, certain catch restrictions are in place for various species in Mississippi waters. Here's what you need to know:

King Mackerel Fishing

  • Definition: King Mackerel fishing is solely for catching King Mackerel. Catching more than 10 percent by weight of species other than King Mackerel while net fishing for King Mackerel is prohibited.

Mullet Fishing

  • Definition: Mullet fishing involves net-fishing activities where 90 percent or more of the total catch by weight consists of mullet.
  • Location Restrictions: Mullet fishing using traps, seines, or nets other than cast or brill nets is not allowed within specific distances of public or private piers.
  • Commercial Season: The commercial season runs from Jan. 1 to Dec. 31 each year for certain species, including Flounder, Red Drum, and Spotted Seatrout.
  • Total Allowable Catch (TAC) Limits: TAC limits are set for each species, and closures may occur when TACs are reached.

Spotted Seatrout Endorsement

  • Requirement: Individuals commercially harvesting Spotted Seatrout must possess a Spotted Seatrout endorsement in addition to a harvester's license.
  • Validity: The endorsement is valid from Jan. 1 to Dec. 31 each year.

Purse Seine Restrictions

  • Species Restrictions: Purse seines may not catch certain species in excess of 5 percent by weight in any single set of the net.
  • Prohibited Species: Red Drum cannot be onboard any vessel carrying a purse seine.
  • Personal Consumption: Commercial fishermen may retain two Cobia per person for personal consumption, but it is illegal to sell Cobia caught in Mississippi territorial waters.

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