Combatting Non-Native Invasive Species in Mississippi

Non-native invasive species pose a significant threat to Mississippi's natural ecosystems, impacting biodiversity, water quality, and recreational activities such as fishing and hunting. Here's how you can help prevent their spread:

Understanding the Threat

  • Non-native invasive species can outcompete native plants and animals, leading to a decline in native biodiversity.
  • Aquatic invasive plants can degrade water quality, reducing oxygen levels and harming native aquatic species.

Impacts on Fishing and Hunting

  • Fish populations may decline due to competition from non-native species and degraded water quality.
  • Invasive aquatic plants can obstruct fishing areas, making fishing impractical.
  • Invasive animals may introduce foreign diseases that affect native wildlife populations.
  • Aquatic plants can clog motor intakes and degrade swimming areas, impacting recreational activities.

Taking Action

  • Remove aquatic plants from boat propellers, intakes, trailers, and gear before leaving a launch area.
  • Never release plants, fish, or animals into bodies of water unless they originated from that specific waterbody.
  • Ensure equipment is free of water before transporting to prevent the spread of invasive species.
  • Regularly inspect and clean boats and equipment to prevent the introduction and spread of invasive species.
  • Report any sightings of invasive species to the Mississippi Department of Marine Resources for prompt action.

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