Mississippi Hunting and Fishing License Fees

Mandatory Licensing for Deer and Turkey Hunters

All Deer and Turkey hunters must secure an All Game Hunting/Fishing License or a Sportsman's License without exception.

Resident License Types and Costs

  • Sportsman's License: $45.00 (plus $1.00 agent fee, $1.29 process fee); includes Archery/Primitive Weapon/Crossbow but not WMA User Permit or Saltwater Fishing.
  • All Game Hunting/Freshwater Fishing License: $25.00 (plus fees); excludes Archery/Primitive/Crossbow and WMA User Permit.
  • Archery/Primitive Weapon/Crossbow Permit: $14.00 (plus fees); required with All Game Hunting/Freshwater Fishing for special seasons, Crossbow included after July 1, 2013.
  • Velvet Season Permit: $10.00 (plus fees); valid for three days for hunting Velvet Deer within permitted dates.
  • Small Game Hunting/Freshwater Fishing License: $10.00 (plus fees).
  • Wildlife Management Area User Permit: $15.00 (plus fees); mandatory before any WMA use.
  • Electronic State Waterfowl Stamp: $10.00 (plus fees); mandatory for those 16 and older when hunting waterfowl.

Several Apprentice Licenses are available for first-time resident hunters with age and supervisor requirements, varying from $13.00 to $32.00 (plus fees).

Senior residents over 65 can avail of the Senior Exempt License for $2.30 (plus an additional $1.00 agent fee, $1.70 process fee), and voluntary Under 16 licenses are the same price.

Additional permits, such as the North MS NWR Permit ($15.00 plus fees), Trapping License ($25.00 plus fees), and Fur Dealer License ($50.00 plus fees), have their specific conditions and cost structures. Various package deals – from the Mississippi Hunter Package at $70.00 to the Keep Mississippi Wild Package at $15.00 – are also offered, bundling different licenses together for convenience and savings.

Mississippi Non-Resident Hunting and Fishing License Options

Specialized Non-Resident Permits

  • Armed Forces 14-Day Hunting/Fishing: $32.00 (including a $1.00 Agent Fee and $4.25 Process Fee) for military personnel; application required. Includes Fall Turkey and Archery/Crossbow privileges, but excludes saltwater fishing.

General Non-Resident Hunting Licenses

  • All Game Hunting (16 and over): $300.00 (+$3.00 Agent Fee +$4.25 Process Fee); excludes several permits such as Archery/Primitive/Crossbow and specific season permits.
  • 7-Day All Game Hunting: $150.00 (+fees); similar exclusions as the general All Game Hunting License, tailored for a shorter, week-long hunting trip.
  • 3-Day All Game – Archery/Primitive Weapon: $150.00 (+fees); includes Archery/Primitive Weapon/Crossbow for a brief hunting endeavor.

Additional Non-Resident Permits and Packages

  • Archery/Primitive Weapon/Crossbow Permit: $75.00 (+fees); supplemental to All Game Licenses during special seasons.
  • Wildlife Management Area User Permit: $30.00 (+fees); mandatory for any WMA recreational use.
  • Deer Permit: $100.00 (+fees); a requirement for all deer hunting seasons, in conjunction with a Game Hunting License.
  • Spring Turkey Permit: $50.00 (+fees); for spring turkey season, also additional to a Game Hunting License.

Small Game, Trapping, and Dealer Licenses

  • Small Game Hunting: $95.00 (+fees); encompasses waterfowl hunting.
  • 7-Day Small Game Hunting: $38.00 (+fees); designed for temporary hunting expeditions.
  • Shooting Preserve: $13.00 (+fees); for specific hunting areas.
  • Electronic State Waterfowl Stamp: $19.00 (+fees); essential for waterfowl hunting.
  • Trapping License: $205.00 (+fees); for individuals involved in trapping furbearers aged 16 or over.
  • Fur Dealer License: $205.00 (+fees); for commerce in furbearing animals.

Comprehensive Non-Resident Packages

  • NR Super Sportsman Package: $564.00 (+fees); an inclusive bundle for the avid hunter, offering multiple permits and a magazine subscription.
  • NR Deer Hunter Package: $475.00 (+fees); for deer hunters seeking a full suite of hunting permissions.
  • NR Turkey Hunter Package: $370.00 (+fees); targets those interested in turkey hunting, with the necessary permits and add-ons.

Waterfowl and Fishing Packages for Non-Residents

  • NR Waterfowl Hunter Package: $114.00 (+fees); focusing on small game and excluding the Federal Duck Stamp.
  • NR Avid Angler Package: $90.00 (+fees); for passionate non-resident fishermen requiring both freshwater and saltwater licenses.
  • NR LA Avid Angler Package: $120.00 (+fees); caters specifically to Louisiana residents, who need comprehensive fishing licenses for Mississippi marine waters.

These rates and packages ensure non-residents have access to suitable licenses for hunting and fishing in Mississippi, with a range of options to match the duration and focus of their outdoor activities.

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