License Fees for Marine Activities


  • Recreational: $15
  • Commercial Shrimp/Captain Under 30’ Boat: $60
  • Commercial Shrimp/Captain 30’ to 45’ Boat: $85
  • Commercial Shrimp/Captain Over 45’ Boat: $110


  • Recreational Crab Trap: $5
  • Commercial Crab Trawl: $75
  • Commercial Crab Trap: $75


  • Recreational Saltwater Fishing License:* $12.29**
  • Fishing Boat License/Gill & Trammel Net: $100
  • Charter Boat: $200
  • Commercial Hook and Line/Gig per Vessel: $100
  • Commercial Hook and Line/Gig per Fisherman: $100
  • Lifetime License (for 65 and older):* $7.29***
  • Saltwater Minnow:** $50


  • Recreational: $10
  • Commercial Tonging:*** $60
  • Commercial Dredging:*** $110
  • Aquaculture License: $50

Live Bait Shrimp

  • Live-bait Shrimp Dealer: $50
  • Live-bait Shrimp Boat: $100

Business License

  • Interstate Commerce: $20
  • Seafood Dealer****:** $100
  • Seafood Processor****:** $100
  • Seafood Transport License: $100
  • Fresh Product Permit: No Charge

*Valid for recreational methods of taking finfish south of U.S. Interstate 10. **License fee of $10 plus $2.29 processing and agent fees. ***Residents 65 years of age or older are required to purchase a lifetime recreational saltwater fishing license for a small one-time fee of $5 plus $2.29 processing and agent fees. ****In order to catch or transport saltwater minnows for sale, fishermen must obtain a saltwater minnow license. *****A valid MS Shellfish Harvester Education certificate must be presented by the boat owner at the time of license purchase. ******A valid MS Shellfish Dealers Education certificate must be presented by the business representative at the time of license purchase.

Each seafood dealer/processor is required to complete Mississippi trip tickets provided by the MDMR. Commercial fishermen who land and sell their catch to anyone except a licensed Mississippi dealer/processor are required to complete trip tickets and be in possession of a fresh product permit.

License fees for nonresidents may vary. Call the MDMR at 228-374-5000 for current license fees if you are a nonresident.

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