Mississippi Saltwater Fishing Record Regulations

To be considered for a saltwater fishing record in Mississippi, anglers must adhere to the following guidelines:

Application Process

  • Obtain an official application from the Mississippi Department of Marine Resources (MDMR) or the MDMR website.
  • Complete the application fully and legibly.

Catch Method

  • The applicant must hook, fight, and bring the fish to net or gaff without assistance, except for operating the net or gaff.
  • Use of hand lines or unconventional gear types is not permitted.

Tackle Requirements

  • Conventional Records: Fish must be caught and landed humanely and legally using conventional fishing tackle.
  • Fly Fishing Records: Fish must be caught in accordance with fly fishing customs and practices, using recognized artificial flies.

Documentation and Photography

  • Submit two color photographs with each application: one of the angler and fish, and one showing a clear, close-up side view of the fish.
  • Fish must be weighed on certified scales in the presence of two witnesses other than the applicant.
  • Length and girth measurements must be recorded accurately.

Verification Process

  • Applications must be positively identified and verified by a professional fisheries biologist.
  • A valid Mississippi fishing license is required for all record applications.

Additional Regulations

  • The MDMR reserves the right to verify fish identification, witness statements, and refuse questionable applications.
  • Falsifying a record application will result in disqualification and potential revocation of previous records.
  • The MDMR has a youth division for state fishing records, with weight criteria set at 50 percent of the current state record weight.

Classification and Recognition

  • Mississippi Saltwater Fishing Records are classified as all-tackle records, without separate line classes.
  • For potential world records, refer to the International Game Fish Association (IGFA) website for rules and submission protocols.

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