Fishing Requirements in Montana

Age Requirements

  • 0-11: No license required. Must observe all limits and regulations.
  • Resident 12-15: $4.00 for a 2-day license, $10.50 for the season.
  • Resident 16-17, 62 and older: $11.00 for a 2-day license, $10.50 for the season.
  • Resident Disabled 18-61: $20.50 for the season.
  • Resident 18-61: $15.00 for a 2-day license, $21.00 for the season.
  • Nonresident 12-15: $24.00 for a 1-day license, $110.00 for the season.
  • Nonresident 16 and older: $31.50 for a 1-day license, $117.50 for the season.

Conservation License

  • Required for Residents: Fees vary based on age and residency status.
  • Nonresidents: Fees vary based on age.

AIS Prevention Pass

  • Nonresident Motorized Vessel: $30 per vessel, valid until Dec. 31.
  • Nonresident Non-Motorized Vessel: $10 per vessel, valid until Dec. 31.

Total Cost

  • Varies: Depending on age, residency, and duration of the license.
  • Resident Sportsman and Nonresident Combination Licenses: Include a Season Fishing License.

How to Obtain a Fishing License in Montana

To fish in Montana, anglers must obtain the necessary licenses and passes. Here's what you need to know:

Fishing License Requirements

  1. Fishing License: All anglers must have a valid Fishing License in their possession while fishing. This license is nontransferable and nonrefundable.

  2. Conservation License: Required before purchasing any fishing or hunting license. Applicants must provide the last four digits of their social security number and a valid driver’s license or photo ID.

  3. AIS Prevention Pass: Mandatory for all individuals fishing in Montana. Funds from this pass support the fight against aquatic invasive species.

Residency Criteria

  • To qualify for a resident license, individuals must meet specific criteria outlined in the Montana Code. This includes residing in Montana for at least 180 consecutive days, filing state income tax returns as a resident, registering vehicles in Montana, and more.

Additional Permits

  • Paddlefish Tag: Required for fishing for paddlefish. Available for purchase with a valid Conservation License, AIS Prevention Pass, and Fishing License.

  • Bull Trout Catch Card: Mandatory for fishing for bull trout in certain areas. Available for free at designated offices.

Free Fishing Weekends

  • Mother’s Day and Father’s Day weekends (May 13-14 and June 17-18, 2023) allow fishing without a license, except for paddlefish and bull trout fishing.

Special Considerations

  • Montana Resident With Disability: Special licenses available for permanently and substantially disabled residents.

  • Veterans Administration Patients: Free permits for patients residing at VA hospitals and state institutions.

  • Legion of Valor: Allows fishing for residents and nonresidents with a membership card.

  • Education Exemptions: Free exemptions for qualified educational events and fishing clinics.

  • Purple Heart Recipients: Residents and nonresidents awarded a Purple Heart can fish and hunt with a Conservation License.

Statewide Permit Requirements in Montana

When fishing in Montana, certain permits and licenses are required, along with adherence to specific regulations. Here's what you need to know:

Access to State School Trust Lands

  • Conservation License: Provides access to legally accessible State School Trust Lands for fishing and hunting.

  • State Lands Recreational Use Permit: Required for recreational activities like hiking and birdwatching on these lands. Not covered by the Conservation License.

Camping and Travel Regulations

  • Camping: Outside designated campgrounds, there's a two-day camping limit.

  • Motorized Travel: Only permitted on public or designated roads.

  • Fire Regulations: Open fires are prohibited except in designated campground fire pits; contained mechanical heat sources are allowed.

Aquatic Invertebrates and Mussels

  • Crayfish Harvest: Requires a valid Fishing License and may be taken in traps no larger than specified dimensions.

  • Mussel Harvest: Prohibited in certain fishing districts, allowed for personal use in others.

Commercial Collection and Fishing

  • Bait Fish Seining License: Required for commercial harvest, with a fee per year. Specific regulations apply to non-game bait fish harvesting and transportation.

  • Whitefish Fishing Permits: Required for commercial collection and sale. Different permits apply to hook and line fishing versus net/seine fishing.

Fishing Contests and Special Permits

  • Fishing Contests: Require a permit from FWP. Contact local offices for information and application.

  • Hoop Net Fishing Permit: Needed for using hoop nets, available only in the Eastern Fishing District.

Additional Permit Requirements

  • Import Permits for Fish: Necessary to import live fish into Montana.

  • Indian Reservations and Tribal Lands: Special rules and permits may apply, depending on the jurisdiction.

Off–Highway Vehicles (OHVs)

  • Residents: OHVs must be registered and display current off-highway decals. Additional permits are required for designated roads and trails.

  • Nonresidents: OHVs registered in another state must purchase a nonresident permit to operate in Montana.

Private Fish Ponds

  • License Requirements: A license from FWP is needed to stock private fish ponds with lawfully purchased fish. Fishing on licensed, privately stocked ponds doesn't require a Fishing License.

Unattended Fishing Devices

  • Identification Requirement: Any unattended fishing device must have the angler's name and phone number or an individual identifying number issued by the department attached to it.

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