1. FURBEARER or FUR-BEARING ANIMAL: Includes marten or sable, otter, muskrat, fisher, mink, bobcat, lynx, wolverine, northern swift fox, and beaver.
  2. GAME ANIMAL: Species such as deer, elk, moose, antelope, caribou, mountain sheep, mountain goat, mountain lion, bear, and wild bison.
  3. GENERAL DEER/ELK SEASON: Usually a five-week period from mid-October through late-November, varying by hunting districts.
  4. GUIDE: A person employed or contracted with a licensed outfitter to accompany participants in outdoor activities related to the outfitter's license.
  5. HUNT: The act of pursuing, shooting, wounding, taking, harvesting, killing, chasing, luring, possessing, or capturing wildlife, including using weapons or dogs/birds of prey for these purposes.
  6. LAW (Statutes or Montana Code Annotated - MCA): Laws enacted by the Montana Legislature.
  7. LICENSE: An electronic or hard copy document issued that grants the opportunity to hunt or fish for specific species.
  8. MIGRATORY GAME BIRD: Includes waterfowl like wild ducks, geese, brant, swans; cranes; rails; Wilson’s snipes; and mourning doves.
  9. NONGAME WILDLIFE: Any wild mammal, bird, amphibian, reptile, fish, mollusk, crustacean, or other animals not classified by statute or rule.
  10. OUTFITTER: A person who provides various outdoor equipment and services for hunting and accompanies or supervises clients during hunting expeditions.
  11. PERMIT: A document used with the proper license to hunt or fish for specific species.
  12. PREDATORY ANIMAL: Includes coyote, weasel, skunk, and civet cat.
  13. RULE or REGULATION: Standards or statements by agencies that implement, interpret, or set law or policy.
  14. SHOULDER SEASON: Hunting periods conducted before or after the general deer/elk season.
  15. SITE OF THE KILL: The location where the game animal or bird expires and is taken into possession.
  16. TRAP: The act of taking wildlife by setting or placing mechanical devices, snares, deadfalls, etc.
  17. UPLAND GAME BIRDS: Includes sharp-tailed grouse, blue grouse, ruffed grouse, pheasant, Hungarian partridge, and others.
  18. WILD ANIMAL: An animal that is naturally wild, including those bred or reared in captivity.

List of Acronyms

  1. AISPP: Aquatic Invasive Species Prevention Pass
  2. ARM: Administrative Rule of Montana
  3. CR: Commission Rule
  4. CWD: Chronic Wasting Disease
  5. DNRC: Department of Natural Resources and Conservation
  6. F&W Commission: Fish and Wildlife Commission
  7. FAS: Fishing Access Site
  8. FWP: Fish, Wildlife & Parks
  9. HD: Hunting District
  10. HWY: Highway
  11. LPT: License or Permit Type
  12. MCA: Montana Code Annotated
  13. OTC: Over the Counter
  14. PTHFV: Permit to Hunt from a Vehicle
  15. PTMAE: Permit to Modify Archery Equipment
  16. WMA: Wildlife Management Area
  17. WPA: Waterfowl Production Areas
  18. WRA: Weapons Restriction Areas

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