Trapping Information for Nebraska

Checking Traps

  • Frequency: Traps must be checked and animals removed once every calendar day for land sets, and once every two calendar days for underwater submersion sets.

Legal Traps and Sets

  • Types: Snares, metal-spring traps with smooth jaws, or box traps.
  • Body-Gripping Traps: Restrictions on jaw-spread size unless placed underwater or above ground.
  • Snares: Specific restrictions on land owned or controlled by various agencies during upland game bird seasons.
  • Bait Use: Restrictions on bait visibility near foothold traps set on dry land.

Trap Tagging

  • Requirement: Traps must be tagged with the owner/user's driver's license number or Nebraska State Identification Card number.
  • Youth Trapping: Individuals 15 years or younger may use a parent or guardian's identification number.

Disposal of Furs

  • Holding Period: No time limit for holding carcasses and raw pelts with a valid fur harvest permit.
  • Shipping Requirements: Specific labeling required for furs shipped by commercial carrier.

Artificial Lights

  • Usage: Permitted for hunting certain unprotected species on foot but prohibited from or attached to vehicles or boats.

Running Seasons

  • Activities Allowed: Pursuing or chasing certain species with hounds during specific seasons without killing.

Trapping Areas

  • Statewide Legality: Trapping is generally legal statewide with noted exceptions.
  • Private Land: Permission required from landowners.
  • Public Lands: Varies by agency and area; some require landowner permission or have specific restrictions.
  • Prohibitions: Specific locations and scenarios where trapping is restricted or prohibited, including near dwellings, feedlots, and certain public areas.

Additional Considerations

  • Permission: Always required on private lands and in certain public areas.
  • Restrictions: Vary by county, state wildlife management areas, and other public lands.

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