Common Violations in Wildlife Laws


In the realm of hunting, trapping, and fishing, adherence to wildlife laws is critical. The Nevada Department of Wildlife emphasizes that while most outdoorsmen comply with regulations, violations can lead to severe penalties, including substantial fines, jail time, equipment loss, and revoked licenses. Awareness and careful adherence to these laws can prevent such consequences.

Nevada Common Hunting Violations

Top Seven Violations

1. Loaded Rifle or Shotgun In/On Vehicle

  • Law: No loaded rifles/shotguns in/on vehicles, including ATVs, motorcycles, snowmobiles.
  • Action: Unload before placing the firearm in/on a vehicle.
  • Penalty: Misdemeanor offense.

2. Using Tag of Another

  • Rule: Tags are non-transferable; only the named individual can use/possess it.
  • Consequence: Felony if an animal is harvested using another's tag.

3. License and Tag Fraud

  • Violation: False information for license/tag (e.g., false residency, name).
  • Severity: Misdemeanor for license fraud, gross misdemeanor for tag fraud, felony for harvesting with fraudulent tag.

4. Early/Late Shooting

  • Guideline: Adhere to legal hunting hours (not before sunrise/after sunset).
  • Reference: Check Sunrise/Sunset Tables.
  • Penalty: Misdemeanor offense.

5. Failure to Properly Punch Tag or Permit

  • Requirement: Validate tag/permit immediately after taking game using a sharp object.
  • Note: Pencil/pen markings are unacceptable.
  • Penalty: Misdemeanor; felony if a tag is used for multiple animals.

6. Possessing an Over Limit of a Species

  • Limits: Adhere to possession and daily limits.
  • Definition: Possession Limit includes all stored game; Daily Limit is the maximum harvest per day.

7. Unplugged Shotgun

  • Regulation: For waterfowl/dove hunting, shotguns must hold no more than three shells.
  • Additional: Shotguns must be plugged in Wildlife Management Areas.
  • Penalty: Misdemeanor offense.

Reporting Violations

If a mistake occurs (e.g., wrong animal harvested), it's imperative to:

  • Report: Immediately contact the local game warden or Operation Game Thief at 1-800-992-3030.
  • Follow Instructions: Adhere to guidance provided and wait for the warden.
  • Avoid: Hiding or wasting game leads to more severe consequences.

Nevada Common Hunting Violations

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