Hunting Wild Turkey in Nevada: Application Guidelines and Requirements

Tag Requirement for Wild Turkey Hunting

In Nevada, hunting wild turkey necessitates the acquisition of a tag. It's crucial to understand that a large segment of the turkey population resides on private lands. Thus, prior to hunting on these lands, obtaining permission from the landowner is mandatory. The Nevada Department of Wildlife (NDOW) strongly recommends securing permission before applying for a tag.

Hunting License and Tag Application

To apply for a wild turkey hunting tag, possessing a valid hunting license is essential. Applicants without a license can purchase one during the online application process. It's important to note that successful tag recipients must hold a valid license while hunting.

Eligibility for Applicants

Eligibility criteria for applying for a wild turkey hunting tag are specific. Hunters, unless restricted or revoked of their hunting privileges, can apply once per draw period. They are limited to applying for only one type of hunt. However, within that hunt, up to five hunter choice numbers can be chosen. Each hunter is entitled to only one turkey tag annually.

For those under 12 years old, applications are accepted provided they turn 12 before the season's opening date. Juniors aged 11 can apply for a bonus point only if they will be 12 by the last season's start.

Application Deadlines and Procedures

The Spring Wild Turkey Hunt draw accepts applications until 11:00pm Pacific Time on January 15, 2024. For bonus points, the deadline extends to February 5, 2024. The initial draw results will be communicated to applicants no later than 48 hours post-draw, by February 16, 2024.

Post-draw, any unclaimed tags are available for general application on, 14 days after the draw results are released. This excludes tags designated for Junior Wild Turkey Hunts and Landowner Hunts.

Online Application Process

During application, only nonrefundable fees are charged, along with the license fee if chosen to be purchased then. Post-draw, successful applicants are charged the tag fee and the license fee, if applicable. A grace period of seven days is provided to update credit card information for failed payments, after which the tag is offered to an alternate.

Additional Fees and Regulations

A Predator management fee, as mandated by NRS 502.253, is also required. This fee supports various wildlife management and education programs.

While hunting, it's mandatory to carry a valid license and the issued tag. Upon a successful hunt, the tag must be validated and attached to the turkey as per NAC 502.378 regulations.

Wild Turkey Hunting in Nevada: Weaponry, Use of Dogs, and Tag Questionnaire Requirements

Permitted Weapons and Ammunition

For hunting wild turkey in Nevada, the law specifies the types of weapons and ammunition that can be used. Approved weapons include longbows with arrows and shotguns. The shotgun gauge is restricted to a range between 10 and 20. Additionally, the size of the shotgun shot must not exceed number 2 pellets. It is important to note that when hunting in a wildlife management area, the shot used must be non-toxic. Adhering to these guidelines, as stated in NAC 503.187, is crucial for legal compliance.

Restrictions on Hunting with Dogs

Hunting wild turkey with the assistance of dogs comes with specific time-bound restrictions. From March 1 through June 30, it is prohibited to hunt, chase, or pursue wild turkeys using dogs. This regulation, as outlined in NAC 503.147, is designed to ensure fair chase practices during the turkey hunting season and to protect wildlife.

Mandatory Turkey Tag Questionnaires

After hunting, wild turkey hunters are required to complete and submit a harvest questionnaire. This is mandatory irrespective of whether the hunt was successful or not. The process for submission is straightforward and can be done through

The deadlines for submitting the harvest questionnaire vary depending on the season. For the Spring turkey season, the deadline is May 31, following the close of the season. For the Fall season, the deadline is November 30 post-season.

Non-compliance with the submission of the harvest questionnaire carries penalties. Failing to report can lead to a one-year suspension and a $50 fee, as enforced under NAC 502.407.

Limitation on Turkey Tags

An additional regulation for turkey hunters in Nevada is the limitation on the number of turkey tags. Hunters are eligible to receive only one turkey tag per calendar year. This rule is in place to regulate hunting pressure on the wild turkey population and ensure sustainable hunting practices.

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