New Hampshire Inland Fisheries Division Information

NH Fish and Game Department's Inland Fisheries Division

Mission and Responsibilities

The Inland Fisheries Division of the NH Fish and Game Department is dedicated to managing freshwater fish resources within state and interstate waters. Our responsibilities include:

Hatchery Operations


  • Operating and maintaining six hatcheries that collectively raise nearly 1 million trout and salmon annually.
  • Providing educational opportunities for visitors to learn about fish hatching and rearing.


  • Offering guided hatchery tours by reservation, allowing visitors to meet our dedicated staff and learn about fish production.

Fisheries Management

Fishing Opportunities

  • Providing diverse and high-quality fishing opportunities for anglers across New Hampshire.
  • Monitoring fish populations in rivers, streams, lakes, and ponds to ensure sustainability.

Species Restoration

  • Restoring populations of migratory species such as river herring, American shad, and American eels.
  • Conserving, improving, and restoring fisheries habitat throughout the state.

Technical Assistance


  • Offering fisheries expertise and technical assistance to various organizations for habitat conservation and fish population management.

State Fish Hatcheries

New Hampshire Inland Fisheries Division Information


Visit one of our state fish hatcheries to experience the fascinating world of fish production and conservation.

Berlin Fish Hatchery

  • Address: RR 3 Box 3783, York Pond Road, Berlin, NH 03570
  • Phone: (603) 449-3412

Twin Mountain Fish Hatchery

  • Address: 1450 Route 3 North, Carroll, NH 03598
  • Phone: (603) 846-5429

Warren Fish Hatchery

  • Address: 23 Fish Hatchery Road, Warren, NH 03279
  • Phone: (603) 764-8593

New Hampton Fish Hatchery

  • Address: 204 Main St., New Hampton, NH 03256
  • Phone: (603) 744-3709

Powder Mill Fish Hatchery

  • Address: 288 Merrymeeting Road, New Durham, NH 03855
  • Phone: (603) 859-2041

Milford Fish Hatchery

  • Address: 386 North River Road, Milford, NH 03055
  • Phone: (603) 673-1416

Come visit us and explore the world of fisheries management and conservation!

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